So did the devs forget about the tankbusters?

Pretty sure now would be a good time to buff all the trash tier anti-tanks, since the whole point of them is keeping the hp heavy role in check. No? We’re just going to take a dump on tanking again? Cool.

Oh, and keep those hitscan weapons coming, variety is for chumps.


Bastion is an anti tank hitscan who is being buffed.


Bastion would be a lot better if he had a support crew of a good Orisa and a good Symmetra.

Cause then you’d have the perfect setup for a mobile bunker comp. And an ultimate that gives Bastion a 5000hp shield to sit behind.

🐂 [Orisa] How to reduce Rein usage
💎 [Symm] Primary Fire Shield Piercing


But they’re going to drag their feet on buffing him. Watch them take two more years before he’s decent at his own niche.

My friend and I play Sym Bastion and it’s super fun. Once they are both viable we want to try it in competitive.

I think these buffs will make him decent at it. They do need to restore tank’s tankyness though.

Doesn’t GOATS show they already are good at tanking?

when hanzo got buffed and shredded tanks people almost cried as much as the times mercy got reworked

Because Hanzo is a little bish who is too good at everything for his own good.

Meanwhile Syms, Bastions, and Reapers are sitting at the reject table waiting for needed buffs.


No they just nerfed doom awhile ago

Until the payload moves a few feet and that barrier is now behind him.



Because he suddenly countered heroes that used to counter him. Mei’s not getting any complaints (well, not more than the norm from this community).

Tank-what you say?

I ment Configuration Tank.

like who?

scatter arrow did all of what storm arrow did faster, it was worse long range and harder to hit on highly mobile targets. that’s it

Don’t worry, we have Mei and Reaper to stop it

Winston and D.VA. it’s much better against arial targets and it’s consistant.

not really, you shot a winston with a normal arrow mid air and scattered right when he landed.

winston gone…

now he damages you in every case

and dva maybe you eat up more matrix, but that’s it

I’d use the barrier to stop the scatter arrow. I can’t do that with fan the bow, he just steps into the bubble.

I dunno much about fighting Hanzo as D.VA other than it was nice to not have to worry about getting crit or him “saving his arrows” to drain DM.

I feel like this is the biggest problem now with OW, the counters all seem to utilize the very thing they’re countering. Good combo to take down a barrier? Use a barrier and a bastion. Want to counter healing? Use Ana, who happens to be a healer. Want something that penetrates a barrier? Rein, the barrier hero, can do that.

They need to start giving some standalone counters to DPS heroes.