So did sym's damage get buffed?

as stated on live, the ramp up is 60, 120, 180 but here it says 65, 130, 195

so what’s right?


No, the posted the wrong stats in the rework patch.

These numbers are her real stats since her rework.

(This comment is literally only a few comments below the one OP posted.)

" see! Symmetra dosen’t need any buffs! SHES FINE GET GOOD!"

apparently its been 195 max since her rework i call bull£$%& we all noticed a change in her ability to take down armored targets around the December patch i think they buffed it back then and now they are trying to make it seem like it was always that number.

I think that was just tickrate, not max damage. There was no change to how the beam felt against non-armored heroes.

With the beam weapon changes she got a buff to her primary fire at low charge vs armor, and a slight nerf at high charge (due to how the 20% modifier works) but if you are at high-max charge, you are going to be shredding anything anyways.


no, it wasn’t buffed this was just a typo