So Briggite got murdered in the Exp card

Nah it’s quite literally Bap and Zen

She’s a flex support main so Ana falls into that as well but she heavily prefers and enjoys Bap and Zen and she says this all the time

This argument has come up a lot in the thread… and it’s one of the least logical ones for it. Seriously have you not heard of Martyrs? Being dead does not make some one, especially a hero less inspirational.

If anything Brig’s effect should double or something if she dies.

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Yup, that’s all it is. It’s made by meta DPS for the DPS meta.

Yeah it’s almost as if they asked a bunch of DPS one-tricks what they’d… oh.

So if someone dies that inspires you you go into a corner and cry? Or do you gather up more and try to revenge her? Especially since they are gonna be back in 10 sec anyway? In a fighting game that is.
If you wanna go that root, then inspire should heal 2x the amount while shes dead to fit the crusader narrative.

The skill is call inspire, not revenge buddy.
And again, we dont have to run around using semantics and adding “bonuses” to what a skill does or its supposed to do, specially when theres no need for mental gymnastics, figure things out, try to make twisted logics about or anything about Nano:
Its literally an injection of a liquid that is thrown as a projectile that impacts

In which universe does the liquid of that injection STOPS EXISTING when the person that injected you with it dies? :rofl:

Again, see above.
The skill is call inspire, not revenge buddy.

If you think nano not disappearing after Ana dies makes zero sense, Inspire going on after Brig is dead makes -4 sense. Period.

And yet again there is no reason inspiration is gone because somebody dies buddy. Your logic is flawed and your hateboner for brig is so obvious its ridiculous.

Besides from a balancing standpoint ana needs to be tuned down and brig needs buffs.

Projecting much?

Dude you are running around semantics to justify Brig gaining ult charge WHILE DEAD and then claiming, for no reason, that Ana should be nerfed and nano existing when Ana is dead makes no sense (she is not gaining ult by the way) …
… and I am the one biased? :rofl:

My logic is 100% accurate and even if it wasnt, you can only leave the heals on the team but still NOT get ult charge. Also learn to look up profiles before throwing accusations dude, I dont even play Ana :rofl:

I think its clear now who is #triggered and biased. Thanks for exposing yourself. This ends here :wave:

Changes aside, at what point will people realize after literal endless nerfs that she is in fact not strong and not fine?

It almost feels like players avoid her more than devs. Clearly the rework failed. Why are some insistent that it is the opposite case?

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One of the longest ult charges in the game and far from the strongest in comparison to nano, shatter, grave, etc. so your argument makes again no sense. Ana gets her nano fairly easily. If youre so desperate for your change, then brig will get 20% less ult charge req and you can have your no ult charge during death. What a clown fest, no wonder blizz doesnt look at the forums anymore with people like you.

Your logic is not accurate as ive already explained but this argument ends now since it makes no sense to talk to you in a reasonable matter - you are biased as hell.

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Its amazing how you keep saying things and all of them are wrong dude.

Time to get the ult is not a factor here, never was. IDK why are you bringing it to the table and also Brigs rally is the ONLY source of armor now, and can be used by an ENTIRE team, unlike nano and shatter who are situational.

That ultimate got nerfed so many times because it was stupidly powerful. Its on the internet, gamepedia wiki, playoverwatch changes, google that before throwing things at random.

You are the one in desperation here dude, because you can see that this change might go live and it makes sense. Thats why you are so anxious right now :sunglasses:

This change was made by top players and a main developer of the game agrees so yeah, you have point here. Zero. Null.

You can repeat things ad nauseam, it will not be true so no, my logic is 100% accurate, shared by many players, amongst those OWL and T500 and no, I dont play ana and Brig is amongst my 3 most played supports. You are making things up trying to destroy my credibility because you know I am right.

Yeah you are 100% done now.

The only thing im done with is arguing with you. Take your hate bias somewhere else, its pathetic.

I mean she literally is strong and fine and I play her in GM comp games and my college TESPA tournaments quite often. She was literally meta a few weeks ago with Zen. So many games I was forced to swap off of Mercy and go Brig because Brig has better peel healing and better survivability and anti-dive.


Thank god the Devs don’t balance around people who think she’s bad

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Inspire ending upon Brig’s death is how it always should’ve been.

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What exactly is inspiring about watching Brig die !!

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I heard a while ago that the reason a lot of pro/high level players wanted that is because they hate when you can’t directly see someone getting healing because it doesn’t let you tell if you can engage for a 1v1 or not.

Which… Fair enough I guess. With heroes like Zen, Ana and Mercy you can obviously see who is being healed and by what, things like Lucio + Brig means that the entire enemy team is just regaining health constantly and you can’t tell until you damage them. Same as Moira’s lingering heal. If they want to remove stuff like that sure, but I’d prefer they change Brig’s inspire to be stronger like 20+hps and only lasts for 2.5 seconds. Not just straight nerfing her.

Yes,that’s the point.

A lot of things honestly

I thought this was the case all along, don’t see why it should continue after she dies.

It IS a joke. it’s for fun. For an OWL experimental tournament