So Briggite got murdered in the Exp card

I have a genji icon I’m not even gonna comment in these threads lmaoo

I mean you’re talking with people who think 3 nickels are worth more than 1 quarter, because there’s 3 of them.


Would not be surprised if this change went live, despite what they said about this ExC. A Brig nerf is a Brig nerf.

The reason Brig keeps getting nerfed is because her core design is the problem.

You basically need to redefine the entire hero to not be AntiDive, or nerf her to the point where she’s not viable at any skill tier below GM.

Idk if anyone properly answered your question directly, seems like theyre all answering different questions.

Moira linger and Inspire heal after Moira/Brig dies on live.

Brig’s is because its really a mass AoE Buff to other players, kinda like you’d see in an MMO, unlike Lucios which is just “stand here to get healing”.

Brig also continues to heal when they go out of LoS.

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To be fair getting healed by someone dead isnt very inspirational.


Yea makes no sense. Why not remove nanoboost on someone if ana dies? Then nanoblade has an actual valid counter.
Ah right because ana is so skillfull and always has to be OP.


It literally is meant to be a joke.

Murdered? A little dramatic aren’t we?

Vast majority of Brigitte mains probably are just mad that she got nerfed at all, instead of buffed. They probably couldn’t care less about the actual nerf itself since it doesn’t make Brigitte weaker to or less fun to the people who play her.

Just to clarify it most certainly makes her worse, it may not be that notable but its definitely not beneficial to not have healing after you die, sometimes that extra healing will allow your teammates to win a fight you wouldve lost that reward is greater than the slight amount of ult % more you might feed for a losing fight that you are healing

There is also the consideration it’s not a change in a vacuum. Brig was made worse while a large portion of the hero pool was made better. Nearly every DPS that might be considered a counter to brig was made better.

Seems more like a “we can’t have too many heroes that don’t have any changes listed or we’ll look lazy. Flying bastion! Brig something!”

Frankly I was surprised they didn’t go full Forum rage with her. Make her have to reload her mace, or heal her enemies or something.

These ideas actually sounds interesting. Powerful heals, but it works on the enemy too (though Brig would prob be a bad hero for it :rofl:). Reloading her mace could be interesting if they coupled it with a longer reach.

But yeh, seeing as its broadly inconsequential to the rest of the game some outlandish changes could’ve been interesting. Alternatively they could’ve have been super serious. Instead they were somewhere in the middle :man_shrugging:t2:

You cant say that removing nano makes sense while Ana is dead and removing Inspire doesnt make sense with a straight face.

The skill is called INSPIRE? How are you actively “inspiring” anyone while dead? Sounds like a bug mostly that they didnt bother to fix because its “meh”.

Nano is an injection of something. Just because the person who injected you dies, doesnt mean the liquid vanishes. Its not a spell or something like that.

THAT would make zero sense.

Everytime a brig fan is upset the overwatch streamers smell their own farts

i wonder why that is…

Inspire is not an active aura, it’s a lingering effect activated once Brig hit an enemy for all allies who are in range and in her line of site. It still works if your teammates move 50 meters away behind two walls after that. So it should work once she is dead too.

I doubt that can happen in 6 seconds and still, those mechanics are NOT the same as an injection provided by an item that leaves someone’s hands.

Like not at all.