So Briggite got murdered in the Exp card

Honestly, there are lots of effect which are not equal across all characters and that’s probably for the best. It allows individual tuning for characters as needed.

I think a great one is Pharah keeping her self damage on rockets. She’s supposed to be balanced on going into the air by use of thrusters, but people circumvent that all the time with rocket jumping. It feels sufficient that Pharah should lose 1/5 of her health for each rocket jump she does rather than just bypass her thruster cooldown.

Someone like S76 already has a long cooldown on helix rocket, so I think the cooldown is penalty enough and he doesn’t need the extra damage that goes with it.


Kinda, Brig shouldn’t be weaker.

But mostly Brig, Mei, ImmoField, and Accretion are what’s holding back good BarrierTank design.

I had a thought.

Brigitte was not murdered. She has decayed long ago. This is just defacing the tombstone of the deceased.


She’s melee restricted, does low damage, can’t defend and attack at the same time, and has the same health value as her competition.

She has the highest effective health of the supports with her barrier, but with the tradeoff of not being able to attack when using that extra health. She also cannot heal herself without putting herself in danger unlike every other support.

She’s both squishy and tanky, while also being slow and with virtually no range, while also having her range attack serve to make her primary attack less useful.

Brig is janky


It’s a stupid change B/C the heal/damage overtime effects always stay even if the source dies , like moira spray , Bap regen burst , widow venom mine , ashe dynamite, same as Brig Inspire.


they pretty much confirmed that they’re not going live in the patch notes page

the only realistic changes are the orisa, pharah, junk, symmetra, bastion, and ashe changes but the extreme ones like the massive tracer buff are likely not getting pushed to live

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the change tbh is whatever

Dw brig is still good if you can play her

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she is buddy she is
if you look at the states of her in GM you will see in the last 3 months she had 3.5% pick rate , in last month 2% PR and in the last week she has 1.20% she is slowly sinking and she will sink even more after this nerf so sying she is doing fine is incorrect she and Hog are the worst of their roles


They did say these changes were not meant to go live, a month ago. And they said it again in the patch notes.

So don’t worry about your precious shield maiden. The exc is meant for other players who are interested in it to join, you still have the main modes intact.

Who cares. It changes nothing. If you ask me it’s unneccessary, but also fair.

No other healer can heal like this after they die except Bap, who has to use his 13s cooldown to do so. This is Brig’s primary healing method.
Like I said it’s not a powerful buff or nerf it doesn’t really matter if it’s there or not. But it’s fair.

This ExC was made for fun, so in a way it is a joke.

Ana is actually fran’s main.

Just rework everything into a dps man, legit whats the point in playing anything else when it just get nerfed into the ground any time its even somewhat good?


This is extra, brig wasn’t murdered with such a minor nerf.

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It’s called inspire.
Brig: DIES
Team mates: I feel so inspired…

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It’s not going to make it to live, it’s for the tournament for fun (the pros/streamers who made the changes said it themselves).

Genji is a popular DPS and I can admit that the whole card is dogsh…

Tbh, that change made me laugh. I didnt think they could take anything more from her without straight up deleting parts of her kit lmfao and then… they did it xD they literally beat a dead horse…

Caught in 4K.

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