So Briggite got murdered in the Exp card

She got the Widow treatment, inspire stops working if she dies… cause obviously 16hps is too OP for 5 seconds if Brig is dead.

To be honest the whole card seems like a joke.


If you play meta DPS or popular DPS it’s awesome.

Everyone else… not so much.


Brig was murdered so long ago, this is a change that I am more surprised never got addressed as it lowkey seems like a bug. I guess less of a bug than damage boost… boosting damage.


I honestly don’t think it would change brig much but yeah brig doesn’t need a nerf imo.


It was a strange card, hero’s that were already struggling and not meta… got nerfs.

Hero’s that were generally good or meta like Hanzo got better.

It’s a small thing, though again if it’s a “small thing” why did they have to single it out in a nerf? Healing any team member with Inspire after you die does a little to help keep your team going and feed Brig Ult charge.

That is about it. Very strange change. It wouldn’t off been so bad if they hadn’t spent the last two years Nerfing Brig’s ability to survive. Lowering her HP to 200, reducing her shield, increasing it’s recharge time and delay. Nerfing her self heal and so on.


Are these all the same changes from that meme OWL event? Because if it is, I’m pretty sure it’s just for fun and not meant to go to live.


It wasn’t surprising that the “panel” buffed the characters they liked and nerfed the ones they hate. Made their own rules like “2 changes only!” and then ignored those rules when it was convenient.


Not sure, though I don’t think anything in game says that if it is given the tendency of Experimental cards to go live with little to no changes most the time I can’t help but think this will worry a lot of people.

Add to that their less than stellar luck at making good balance changes I really don’t think Blizzard needs to put forward such a joke change. Their normal attempts at “Balance” are not much different.

I wonder If other AoE heals stop after the hero dies? Like Moira lingering heal. Bap regen burst?


Imagine thinking Brig is murdered bc her inspire stops after she dies…that’s a logical change and doesn’t make her worse.

Moira heal doesn’t last 6 seconds so not comparable to Inspire

Bap’s is a long CD so not comparable to inspire

Also, I know it’s a crazy concept but abilities are allowed to work differently !!


Not as of yet, at least nothing I noticed or was in any patch notes.

It’s also funny how Widow’s Ultimate stops upon death after a nerf about a year or two ago… but Hanzo’s sonic arrow continues after he dies.

Well if something doesn’t make her better… it has to by default make her worse if it’s a change. It’s also not consistent cause nothing else n the game other than Widow’s sight follows that rule.


You literally said she “got murdered” by this change. Ridiculous claim. :sleeping: Literally embarassing

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The change is a nerf, and not a bug fix. Her healing isn’t an aura. It’s a trigger. She triggers it on anyone within line-of-sight and within a certain range when she damages any enemy with her weapon. That’s it. It works as intended.

As for the change itself… unnecessary, but they just hate Brig, so obviously she’s going to get any nerf in this.


Eh it wasn’t like she was strong and healthy before this change. She was on the ropes and this just pushed her further into the grave. She was at best a heal bot that had to hide in the back line… now her healing is worse.

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I legit didn’t know. Because Inspire description doesn’t say anything about healing allies after death. So I wondered If it’s something all AoE healing does that I never noticed.

It’s definitely not a large nerf, let alone a murder

It anything it just punished bad plays (dying)

I’ve been playing brig a lot lately and I’ve always wondered why inspire keeps going even tho I died for it


She is strong and fine :slight_smile: This change doesn’t “push her into a grave” and I’m genuinely embarrassed for you for claiming so


Well, it’s not likely to make it to live. It’s completely unnecessary; Brig is fine as she is.

And if it did it wouldn’t change her viability, let alone “murder her”


It’s one of the differences between Lucio and Brig. Lucio’s healing while active is always on. Any ally in the radius gets healed, the second they leave the radius due to distance, line of sight etc it stops.

Brig’s instantly sends out the effect to any one within range and Line of sight upon hitting an enemy and from there it’s self contained for 6 seconds.

They can leave the range, they can break line of sight or go behind a barrier and still get healed from that Duration. However if some one stops in 1 second after Brig hits some one, they get nothing till a new attack lands while every one else remains healed.