So brigettes sheild health is the next nerf?


With the new brig nerf they said the next nerf they were thinking of doing was to her sheild… Which honestly is probably the right direction.

If she is meant to counter dive rang should also counter her which means her sheild needs to break.

How often have you guys broken a brigettes sheild in game?

How about a main tanks sheild?


It’s just 600 health. Any decent focus fire brings it down. The problem (if there is a problem) is that her shield can be brought back up 2 seconds later.


If I recall, they said specifically that they DIDN’T want to touch her shield, as she is meant to feel tanky.


I do remember reading in the original huge support patch notes the sheild health is what they intended to address next


I really hope they nerf her shield.

She has armor and self-healing when she’s “vulnerable” without shield as it is. If her shield had less hp, it would definitely be a good change. Before someone puts words in my mouth, no I dont want her to be useless. I just dont want her to be so extremely resilient and hard to counter.


Many times, I dont count

Many times, I dont count


i have never had a problem breaking her shield, i think it generates to fast or at lest start to generate to fast. i feel the time time from break to back up with stun is not long enough to punish a lot of the time.


Looks like we are both a little right


She’s tanky enough even without her shield. I thought staying away from her and breaking her shield is how she is supposed to be countered. Why in the world would they intend her to be difficult to counter?

If she did little to no dps or hps and zero cc, then it would be justified for her to be difficult to kill. But she does a moderately good job at all 3 roles…


Ya …
she actually has a personal sheild which is far harder to break than a team sheild.
Yet it has the same health as team sheilds


as a genji tracer main shield health is not what stops me, play out of her range pump the damage break the shield. i move in to punish before i can full finish she already has shield up with a stun combo.

i have also played a lot of brig, and vs junk bombs, pharah rockets and hog right click, i feel it would feel very bad if shield goes down in just a few shots.


The team shields have 900~5000.
600 is pretty tiny, and if you consider Winston’s shield a team shield then there’s something VERY wrong with that.


oh something els that i thought, i don’t think bash should go through shield, like is it really a melee, if it is then it sure as hell shouldn’t go through reflect.

no other cc in the game goes through shields and no other melees go through reflect.