SO after Brig do we rotate to Ashe for complaints?

I predict Ashe is gonna get some harsh treatment too in the future. But not as harsh as support got tho; DPS never gets as much hate as supports do.

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I couldn’t help myself…


People will probably go after Dynamite, which is interesting because, just in my experience today, it’s pretty tough to get lots of value from.

Main change I could see is swapping the AOE and burn damage, so you do 100 explosion and 15 DPS for 5 seconds afterwards. Puts a little more value on placing your Dynamite and not just vaguely tossing it in someone’s direction for the 100 DoT.

Looks like Doomfist, Sombra, and D.Va are next.

Brig hate will never stop, even if deleted though.

Lmao so true
dps get more hate than anyone :joy::joy::joy::joy:

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I think Ashe being high skill will make her easier to accept.

Ashe requires mechanical skill to be effective, if you can’t aim you’re not going to be annoying anyone.


Please no. Rotate to someone else and give Ashe at least a month before the water works. That would be great.

DPS heroes never got megathreads and an entire movement dedicated to hating them. Mercy, Ana, Brig all got lots of people complaining to the point where to got blown into oblivion.

DPS hate is like ‘Genji switch you suck’, ‘Mccree counter the Phara’. It’s not the same.

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We’ll see dynamite and Bob threads soon just be patient

I think they might go after her one shotting potential. But I think they would rather nerf Mercy dmg boost instead. Because why not, they love nerfing Mercy.


It evens out by the fact that brigitte has a spaghetti movement too.

And for hated dps throughout overwatch’s lifetime so far

Bastion (went from cancer to useless)
Doomfist (presently gets a lot of hate)
Genji (presently if always has gotten a lot of hate)
Hanzo (hanzo main in itself used to be a insult and now the new theme is spamzo)
Junkrat (people say something along the lines of filthy no skill spammer)
Mei (was often called cancer in the past but has since died down)
Pharah ( she’s very often complained about and hated on console)
Sombra (people often say hack takes fun out of the game and ruins everything)
Symmetra (you’ll often be reported for even picking her in higher ranks)
Torbjorn (same as symmetra, who knows if the rework actually helped)
Tracer (something about how she can kill people in one clip and is annoying)
Widowmaker (pure hatred a few months ago but has since died down)

Basically every dps but mccree, soldier 76 and reaper unless i’m mistaken lol.


It’s possible, but people tend to latch onto “unfun” mechanics more than powerful ones, and I suspect people don’t take too kindly to watching their health tick down after “dodging” a dynamite

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Truer words were never written on this forum. Don’t worry Ashe will get a minor tweak like the DoT effect will be notched down 1 or 2 per second and they will call it a day.

The majority of hate DPS get is not ‘keyword’ AS MUCH as supports gets. There has never been s scale on DPS as Support in terms of hate and attention.
The hate DPS gets is rather your team who thinks you suck at the hero. Take for example Widow and Hanzo. There’s a different kinda hate they get and again ‘key word’ not as much as supports gets, to the point where they get constant nerf to the point they are basicly trash. Mind you, there’s already a limited option for supports hero to choose from. SO if a support is trash, it’s affect the game DRASTICALLY.

I think dynamite cooldown is going to start after detonation and Bob probably going to get HP nerf.

Ok but Junkrat tho

Doomfist is already hit on the PTR and his ult is getting adjusted in the next patch.

Sombra regularly gets complaints but in the larger picture she is sitting pretty good.

Dva is already being asked to be nerfed in the boards. For Dva players it is a quarterly reminder that they are doing their job.

I can only say BOB is super strong, maybe tone him down a little bit.

Nope, soon enough it will be Hog again. The community will butcher him once more.

This is why forums make bad game devs. Known since the 80s.