So... about the genji buff on PTR?


I’ve been hearing he’s getting buffed on PTR soon… anyone have any info or what the buff is?


It might’ve been on a stream or something… thats how I found out about the doomfist nerfs


Genji buff?
Things were hidden from me! I want to know! :open_mouth:


What they buff about him?


I hate this new streamer only stuff. What did they say? Whose stream?


Buffing genji is just showing they are as detatched from the game as they’ve ever been. Genji has literally never been a bad hero and is not a bad hero pick now.


I’m more interested in doomfist nerfs lol


I think he’s fine right now actually.


what buff for genji and what nerf for doom


They’re probably giving in to the genji mains complaining he’s weak

They didn’t nerf doom I think, I’m just saying I heard about him being gutted 5 months ago via stream and it could be what OP is referring to


Just what I said.

Top dps pick since forever and top dps pick in every category outside GM right now.

“Muh owl and goats” though, ofc. And yet when genji was played, he had high winrates and haksal murdered everyone.


I can’t find any source for this so I don’t believe you.

And its not like Genji even needs buffs. He’s already one of the most viable DPS’ers. This is like asking for Sombra nerfs imo. Not needed.


Yeah a genji buff is a odd choice

Maybe its a big bug fix?

Some streamers call some bug fixes buffs


y’all rant yet you forget a stronger genji could mean less snipers

funnily enough last time i saw owl stats weeks ago he was on the bottom with sym and ashe, and heroes who are often complained about as “weak” like sombra, mercy moira etc where miles above him there


This is some “cried wolf” nonsense unless I see an actual source…


It depends on what they did any why really


OMG! Huge buff! :open_mouth:

Genji can now climb more pillars on Havana! :open_mouth: :stuck_out_tongue:


Dragonblade is now on a short cooldown. His new ultimate megareflect reflects every projectile shot on the map and returns the damage back to the user at 3x the original damage.


Unless there is a source that is shared, I’m incredibly doubtful.

Genji has never been a bad hero, and buffing him would just about be one of the dumbest things they could do.

And I haven’t heard anything about Doomfist nerfs either.


Genji has literally never been a good hero either, at least since season 2. With all the widow threads it’s not exactly unwarranted.