So about the experimental card panel

I just want a stright forward yes or no answer about this because i’m just honestly so confused.

Is it true that some of these changes might hit the live servers for us non owl players to play?

Well all will on the experimental, and hopefully only 10% of those make it to live because 90% of them are bias garbage


The ones that are not controversial, maybe. Like if everyone likes the reaper changes they might go live


Yes there is a slight possibility that some changes could go live if there’s plenty of positive community feedback. The vast majority, if any, will not go live though because this exc is more of a meme for a tourney than an actual attempt to balance the game.


Super’s Rein changes should go through

Fran and Space’s Bap nerfs should go through

Moth’s Lucio buffs/nerf should go through

And that’s about it


I just want that Widow buff to go through and I’ll be happy. Everything else makes me want to pray to Jeff for forgiveness and salvation.

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Widow doesn’t need a buff because then she’ll get nerfed 10x over. Please leave her alone. Get better with the gun and she won’t need a buff. Her trade off for her gun is her lack of abilities and fight presence

These changes are all made for a community tournament happening at the end of the month. They will be appearing on an experimental card only so that participants are able to practice.

I really don’t know why people are overreacting to this. None of these changes are going into live, it’s a fun little patch made by community members.


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But why are ppl saying that some changes might go live then?

Because they might be. John Spector of OWL was asked on Reddit if these changes can go live and he said it’s possible but that outrageous ones probably won’t. Idk why people like Sickone are acting like there is 0 chance they go live.


well it is an exp card thing, if some of those prove to be useful for the game’s health then why not? thing is, a lot of those really really aren’t but I wouldn’t worry too much about that, if they are disliked by the community and the player base they simply won’t make it to live

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Yeah i mean i do know how a experimental card works.

I was just confused because of this whole tournament thing, thinking that it only had something to do with like owl and stuff and that it would be a thing for just that tournament only.
But then i saw ppl talking about some changes could go live for us non pro players so to speak.

So i just had to ask and get a proper answer to actually know what was going on and if i have to kinda prepare myself for that some of these changes might go live for me to experience as well.

So yeah now i know that some of them could actually end up going to live.

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If the sombra changes go through you will never see a sombra again which I am sure the pros want. Here is the sad fact she isnt played anywhere else.

do you have a link to that?

If I had to guess, it would be the Rein changes.

Well… The blue post pinned at the top of General says:

And that blue post was made AFTER my comment which was made in reference to John Specter saying they could :smiley:

lol, I didn’t even checked the dates… Gotta love how the forum works.

So, the latest info is that a blue post said that these changes are not going to live, and people is still panicking?