Snowflakes that smurf just to say ez ez ez

Why? Surely there are other activities you can do to get out your frustration? All you are doing is showing the rest of the players you are afraid to play your main and make yourself look stupid. :smiley:


You have to admit, it probably was easy for them.


Lying through admission XD

The irony levels of this topic are lethal

The same people who say ez when they win also tilt and rage at their team when they lose. Just ignore them.

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Imagine you are a loser in real life, working at mcdonalds for minimum wage, being extremely scrawny face full of pimples, no one respects you in real life and you never had a gf/bf, full of repressed anger no where to go to because you get smacked on your face in your real life for showing them. Those anger has to go somewhere… You don’t get punched so hard on the face by a big guy in a video game hiding in your mum’s basement.

Damn i guess u really cringe

Oh it’s an even numbered calendar month again… looks like it’s time to get upset over “EZ”.

No worries, next month we’re still on track to make at least 50 posts regarding “diff”. :rofl:

I always spam ez whenevr i fart on gay sidewalks

Gay sidewalks? I guess that’s why they tell you to avoid the cracks :dizzy_face:

I guess thats why i smash them with a hammer ☆

Oh I’ve heard all about what you do to cracks, no worries, I’m looking you up tonight :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

When i see a gay sidewalk i know that only gay people can walk there