Snow Much Fun: Behind Penguin Mei and Toybot Zenyatta

Snow Much Fun: Behind Penguin Mei and Toybot Zenyatta

The artists behind Penguin Mei and Toybot Zenyatta talk tin robots, changing faces, and Antarctic wildlife.

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So Zen’s face is why The animation is at 30fps


So basically, Mei stole a penguin egg from a penguin that was sitting on it, and says she plans to return it when it hatches. It couldn’t have just been ‘found’ or else it’d be dead already.
They moved Mei from climatology to zoology, despite her years of work into it.
They then went with, in my opinion, the worst iteration of the mei skin. Should’ve gone with C, or at least kept a big scarf.


I appreciate the effort but the skins are not particularly appealing this time around =/


i want to have Words with whoever made penguin mei.


Careful what you say, got silenced for week over the new Mei skin


i do not fear god nor man but honestly i just want to yell because i knew the pengmei skin would be perfect if the penguin eyes were just black and shiny instead of weird emoji eyes and i was right.


I miss Hana Song.

Hopefully she will return or get around like I did from a 1000 year ban.

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The skin is nice and all. But:
The C version is kinda better. The penguin hoodie is cute :<

What happened to her?


She was a victim of free speech like I was.

(I am DoomFish if you don’t know.)

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Oh. I see.
Hope she gets freed soon ;-;

Likely she will have to find her way around

boy you did not just name your main account on a blizz thread LMAO

but yeah i’m sad hana was done the way she was. they forced somebody who’s been a staple in the forums to leave because they’re too proud to be like you know? it was an overkill, lets reassess this action.

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oh she was on an alt for a second but said she’s choosing to leave in her last thread. i’m sorry you missed it.

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Blizz knows who I am. I literally brought the game again just because. (I had the extra money.)

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Count me in as one of the folk who thinks C is the best one. Still, at least A is better than B.

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that last paragraph though…

“I’d love to design a Mei skin where she’s made of huge, three-dimensional pixels (reminiscent of her pixel achievement spray), but that would probably end up being very technically challenging,” he says. “Another idea I had for this event was Dragon Kid Mei, inspired by an old Chinese television show I used to watch when I was a kid.”

so um…when?

In honor of this wonderful skin, let us read some cool stuff about penguins!

http s://

that’s cray about the bannage. hey guys my opin— ban hammer ding dong bannu

C looks cool . . . I think b/c the eyes look like a penguin. The eyes of the one we have look like alien rendition of . . . or elementary kid’s attempt . . . or an access button like on a F/A-18 . Jus sayin’ .

But artists doing the game, still kudos for doing, as its quality.

fun fact: penguins can crap out at a pressure half of the average car tire, and throw it 1.3 meters.

fun fact 2: Combing off #1, if a penguin eats mainly kill (vs fish), its crap will turn out pink.

that’d be cool for Lunar New Year next year