Smurfs Will Never Get Punished



Let’s be real, it makes money for big daddy Kaplan.


Hey, it’s not fair to blame Jeff for it. He is just employee and do what his boss saying ^^


I am in bronze and see them all the time. They play up to level 25 in qp by barely doing anything. they then try to lose all the placement matches to get as low sr as possible. then they dominate 1 match and then do nothing for 2-3 games after. this will keep them in bronze for as long as possible.
they will not get punished for this and it is making people leave the game cos blizzard does not care about anything other than owl.


if a problem has lasted 3 years it falls on the developers.


Its a joke they dont care about low elo or high elo it just matters about whats good for OWL theyve made enough money from sales and they are pressing on to get more from OWL. They will only care if there is an overwhelming outcri by the top streamers and player and its not just a gitgud situation. they dont care about over 40% of their playerbase, they only care about the fanbase the main source of revenue now. Nothing will be done. Everyone is a snowflake


Not against the rules. Stop making these posts.

Kind of like how people who don’t speed don’t get speeding tickets, they aren’t breaking any rules.


What punishment are we looking for? what rules did they break?

If they broke something, report it accordingly


A HARSH warning to any and all in computer gaming design and IT job seaking individuals…

I got news for Blizzard. The bread lines stink and finding a job within the video game and computer world isn’t so easy. Been there myself and it stinks. Those jobs get filled fast, because everyone wants them. I couldn’t ever get back into IT so I work as a commercial beekeeper. IT is really bad work. Going from a NICE comfortable office desk to working in HOT, miserable weather, WHILE wearing a bee suit. Yeah. It’s beyond “the keto diet”. working in one of them things. moving and lifting 65lb boxes (yes bees weigh ALOT because their bodies have nectar in them, and 50,000 in each box) , using a pry bar and the occasional ANGRY honeybee pelting a person because their home is being “invaded” or moved (cant blame them). Needless to say, If I were BLIZZARD Id be trying to save every aspect of this game that they can, because it is going to wind up YESTERDAY’s News, just like World of Warcraft… and they don’t wind up in JOBS they despise when this company loses traction, like it did in January.

If Blizzard thinks this is a long-term investment by allowing NEW accounts in with the “seasoned” accounts. Than I got news for them. Streamers are DUMPING this game and going ELSEWHERE. For this reason.

What sets me off… A Lvl 75 joins competitive play and starts barking out orders on how to play the game. There is zero Real-world proof the person is smurffing, but we ALL know they are are smurffing. :wink: To the rest of us… We have to SUFFER with sticking to one main account and playing it. I just came out of a major loss on Competitive play, where I had 4 team mates that just seamed like they have NEVER played this game. BECAUSE they are literally NEW accounts… The short story:

HURRAY. We lose miserably, the 4 of them dont know how to play and I have 25 SR down the tube, from time wasted thanks to people with freshly purchased accounts, that do NOT take the time to focus on how to do ANYTHING during competitive play!

I use to really like this game. It use to be the SUGAR in my diet to what Blizzard use to hold true to me. Now it is a Daily dose of SALT, and I have to watch my blood pressure. That is truly sad about a video game. When did designers take video games and find that High pressure gaming was “fun”. Remember Legend of Zelda, Mario, Mario Kart… or 007 GOLDENEYE (N64). That is how video games stand the test of time and are REMEMBERED!!

To the community, Thank you! :slight_smile:

To the match maker servers…


Not in the console versions of the game they don’t.


Smurfing = unfair advantage = cheating according to Blizzard.


They should stop talking about smurfs.
And use the term thrower.

Good plays don’t get punishment.
Actively trying to lose and disruption does.


Having an alt account = not against the rules
Smurfing = agianst the rules


And how do u know someone is smurfing?Becouse he is low lv and smash u?


I don’t know about on PC, but on console smurfs are very easy to spot. Typically a combination of low Overwatch level, low console gamer score, and an Overwatch/meme related gamer tag.

That and they often have no shame about the fact they’re on a smurf in team chat.


When enemy McCree has 82% kp, is only level 45 and has played nearly every hero with 60 to 100% win rate, managing 32 wins in 10 hours, and has just reached season high, I suspect a smurf.


Or maybe is a chester and he needs perm ban