Smurfs strike again! Toxic 1.5 hour game

I can’t categorically say that it would be impossible because I’ve been in some massively long rounds. So I’m assuming a 2-1 koth map would be possible to go over an hour.

Early days of Ball don’t judge me…

If I report and they think the replay proves that I am wrong, then fine. I can deal with being wrong.

I posted a bot replay maybe two weeks ago. I reported it, and never heard back. It was totally a bot, the forums agreed, and I still heard nothing back. I don’t think they are running at the same capacity anymore and people are getting away with abusing the system more and more.

You mean anyone who goes to college? This would affect more people playing than smurfs imo

Please note, if you refer to using the report feature in the replay tool, please do not do so. That is only for reporting a replay of a custom game that contains inappropriate content of that custom game. The report to the replay will not be connected to the players who are in violation of the Blizzard Code of Conduct.


I know its off topic but darn, this match must have been so exhausting

Oh, so you personally contribute to the problem that you complain about.

Given that, I think you deserve what happened.

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Great, now we need diapers to play this game.

How was I being toxic? OP’s story would be the first time ever that people heard of a match going this long. I have a hard time believing this. OP can simply supply a reply code to show us what happened.

Wait really… tons of people do that… LOL :japanese_goblin: they should revoke the option unless it was a custom game.

Now here is another thing that is clogging up the reports cause it’s not clarified… lol


Yep. Here are the details. I believe the confirmation prompt specifies for reporting inappropriate content of the replay itself., not to report a player. When you report a replay that replay will be tagged to the owner of that replay, not the offending players.

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Hope they update that, you even see streamers reporting that way, so imagine how many people learned that from them lol

I learn this method of reporting from these forums… :sunglasses:

I edited out my original post cause I don’t want anyone else doing that lmao

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Having two accounts doesnt mean smurfing. Im mediocre to slightly above mediocre at best, I think the replay would confirm that. Just because I bought a second account doesnt mean I have iddqd or kephri aim. I bought a second account recently to prove a point: That your previous season(s) history weigh too heavily and drag you down too far. I can easily sit in mid gold or maybe low plat if I played more on the new account, without the early years of my Overwatch play dragging me down (as I feel Ive gotten a lot better).

I play my main (old account) with my friends. We have fun. We aren’t stomping anyone, we are comfortably sitting in bronze/silver. Maybe some day we’ll move up to gold together.

My new account sits in mid gold and I win as many games there.

There is a large difference between two accounts, one in mid gold the other in bronze/silver, VS a plat/diamond+ and a bronze account. Insanely large difference.

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i bought more than 100 accounts last year. Call me a big smurf. :joy:
Not buying anything since 2020 december. Cuz this game is dead.

this is why i hardly play comp. its too easy for people to just hold your games hostage and waste your time.

game should go like valorant, ban smurfs/aggressively move them to a more appropriate rating, allow you to dodge games during hero select and offer vote to forfeit.

all that would drastically cut down on trolls ruining games. but they wont becuse this game bows down and worships the trolls rights to throw, soft throw, smurf and boost. they are treated like royalty and encouraged to treat legit players like their own personal ai.

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They’re quite literally doing absolutely nothing with their mortal, limited lifespan.

So, you’re part of the problem…?

Nobody wants to waste an hour and a half with this, sorry dude. The game isn’t designed for that garbage.

I had a game like this once. It happens in bronze. Smurfs (plentiful on console where accounts are free) played in a group. 4 of them if I remember on my team. They would throw on defence and then play like crazy on attack. This meant that the game would never end. It lasted about 45 minutes until myself and the other member on our team not in the group stopped actively fighting. Eventually the enemy managed to defend successfully. Only then did the game end. So 100% this stuff happens.

Bronze below 1300 is in a dreadful state on console. It is full of anti social behaviour which is a consequence of the game no longer being updated. People are bored. It is hard to improve and climb if you’ve already achieved your goals. So instead people turn to smurfing to wreck games.

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we were just an attack sided team


you smurf bad >:( play own rank game yes

damn! He beat my record of 18-17 vs bronzies =(

There is no “your rank” definition, there is ladder, no sandbox