Smurfs should be hardware banned

Not just not playing to win. I mean more that the “smurfs” or alternate accounts I have issues with are the ones that really do it just to bully or troll. If you’re trying your hardest in every game on your 2nd or 14th account, then I don’t have an issue with you, it’s the matchmakers fault we’re in the same game at that point.

Edit: It’s just a general attitude of bullying from the “smurfs” and blaming from the “hardstucks” the ones we could call hardstuck aren’t actively trying to improve at the game as much as other players even at their rank. The hardstucks blame their teammates for losses no matter what either of them were doing, while smurfs bully the people they stomp on just for missing shots they’d never be able to make. People trying to improve though, no matter what rank or which account, they aren’t the problem.

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Did you really just say that??? You mean the system that is known to be abused because its not monitored by humans and is based off how many reports 1 person gets?

So now we know you are a liar because you literally said jeff said it was cheating when its not.

Real convenient that you only quote that one sentence and not where i literally copy and paste a comment jeff himself made about smurfs saying its not cheating

Also before you pull the "it says if you have an unfair advantage its cheating " literally that is such a loose statement its applies to everything… playing junk into a team who refuses to go shield and can’t kill me gives me an unfair advantage in the game . The other team has bad dps so i go pharah because they cant kill me on hits an? Yup thats an unfair advantage…

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The problem I have with smurfs is not the enemy team having them but my own. If the enemy alone gets smurfs you do rise to the occasion. However, when the smurf is on your team you are basically at their mercy.

Us low rankers are quickly finding ourselves in a world where we are the fat kid thrown into the NBA. Completely out classed on both sides and never getting the ball enough to figure out what to do with it.


That is a pretty good analogy there, its ironic really, but accurate. Never thought of it that way.

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will blizzard got legal problem if they were monitoring your hardware?

No, they dont monitor hardware like that. There is a legal way for them to monitor and thats only within the directory of their installed programs when they are active. They can only monitor their applications and can request Hardware ID’s for statistical uses and if necessary block/ban users who break the ToS & EULA. Its legalized by most Governments. They do not track any other activities on your computer, unless they are working with a government agency which has been documented in the past with FBI & CIA using World of Warcraft to thwart terrorist groups. The military also does it with America’s Army.

There is no legal issues done here.

If I’m having a gamer moment, get mass reported, and then banned because I was good for a day on Overwatch, what justice will that do?

I hate smurfs too but to pull the trigger like that, is quite aggressive and hard to judge.

What you are seeing in lower ranks isnt just a smurf problem… and let me tell you the smurfs are definitely out of control. The reason lower SR is so awful is cause silver for example is just a total graveyard of washed up plats with some smurfs mixed in.

Truth be told no one that is “really bad” plays this game anymore. Today’s bronze players would beat the snot out of gold players from a year ago.

I have an account in low gold that I did placements on. The game speed is literally just as fast as diamond was when I last played that bracket a year ago.

The bottom has completely dropped out. the ponzi scheme has crashed. The game is 4 years old no new player in their right mind is going to join now just to be cannon fodder.

If you are new to this game and new to fps in general you are going straight to sub 700 SR now


Hell i say drop to bronze and solo que baby if you think its so easy

honestly the worst part about bronze is high bronze around 1300-1450 that area is just chalk full of leavers.

  1. Okay well if that alt-account player’s “advanced game sense” was enough for them to be in a higher rank, they’d be in that rank.

  2. Just like everyone else playing the game, they paid for the game and have the right to play whatever hero, for whatever motivation, they want to. Leaving and griefing are bannable offenses and those rules should be enforced but whether the account doing these things is a primary, secondary, or only account is irrelevant.

  3. Literally no idea what you’re trying to say with this one.

Before saying that think about it this way: You buy a car like a lot of other people. It’s your money so you can start causing car crashes all around because you can do whatever you want with your car. That is wrong, yes you can do what you want but there are consequences just for you in general, except for the cases when you crash into other people. Now what is different in the game is the fact that if you go in a competitive match with the mentality: “I play what I want and how I want, because it’s my money” then the consequences will apply not just for you but for your entire team. So it’s not ok to play how you want, and your only motivation should be winning(in competitive). There is no reason to buy an alt account. If you are good then just climb on the one you have, if you already are top500 then go for maximum sr possible, if you want to learn new heroes, go quickplay, no reason to buy another account, ever. The real problem is not just a gamer that just go through ranks while being better then the entire enemy team combined, it’s the gamers that learn heroes in competitive by buying new accounts and then not giving 100% because they already have a better rank just waiting for them.(competitive it’s not for learning).


My dude, you’re comparing playing a video game the way one wants to play with endangering people’s lives. “it’s not okay to play how you want” It’s a literal video game that we all play for fun. You aren’t entitled to your teammates playing their mains, every single game you’re in.

And yes, people absolutely should buy alt accounts if they so choose. It helps support the developers, who put out updates for this game every week. It allows those people to play their best, the way you want them to, in their actual rank, and still get to work on new hero’s in competitive–and ultimately, it helps them get better at the game.

And let me let you in on a little secret: These alt accounts aren’t the reason you can’t climb. On the characters they play on that account, they are in the rank that they are supposed to be in. The people in higher ranks play the game more than you do.

Proven False every time there is a Sale.

Open ended response there.

If they are playing characters that they are not good at, they are cheating the system by avoiding Diminishing their main accounts SR for Each Role or just SR in general for Competitive. The repercussion to this behavior is that it affects all the other players on that team by making them work even harder to compensate for loss in heals, damage, tanking. Are they in the rank they should be in to start?

No, they arent. It takes about 20 games for the system to start shifting the player and about 100 games for it to actually position them to where they might be at. This is highly cheated by Masters and higher players, also Toxic Smurf accounts deranking fresh accounts to do bronze to masters climbs, etc.

Also false, unless they are a streamer getting endorsements and money. The majority of High Ranked players only play enough to keep their Rank Rating up. They need to play like 5 games a week to avoid decay.

A better reference wouldve been if you were the driver and had 5 passengers, you decided to drive wrecklessly, you are now endangering everyone else trying to get to your destination safely and before time expires.


Not every low level acct = smurf.

Smurf = someone who purposely remains at a lower SR to stomp people.

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There are 3 kinds of Smurfs.

1 - Starts Low SR on purpose to climb again. Not a bad smurf, just annoying because it does mess with MMR for the losing Teams.

2 - Those as you mentioned that stay a specific lower Rank Range to dominate and lose SR at the same time so they dont progress.

3 - similar to #2, Derank smurfs.

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It’s not about climbing, it’s about declimbing. The fear of some players that if they play other heroes in their current(high) rank, they will start going down. They have the false impression that if they reached a higher rank with 1 or 2 heroes, they somehow deserve it. For example, they reached gm with widow but they have diamond skill for sombra(it’s just an example), they are not good overwatch players, they have good aim, and game sense but the hero pool they play it’s 1, maybe 2 heroes. If they reached a certain rank playing one hero the most then they should have skills at the others to be able to play one rank below.

I agree. But that doesn’t mean that one person should have multiple accounts where in some of them they win 1vs6 and in some of them they are just garbage because they learn to play a hero from 0(it’s not fun for the other 5 players that now have a bad teammate that learns a new hero in competitive). Play on your main and only account if you consider that you are good and if you can’t keep up just go down like you should.

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They do play more than you, they just play across multiple accounts or don’t exclusively play competitive. A reason they may be playing the “bare minimum to maintain their rank” is because in the higher ranks, que times are excessively long.

And no, a “better reference” would be that you’re playing a video game, for fun, and you’re trying to have fun and hurting or endangering literally no one in the process.

Blizzard fanboy right now; error 37

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Sounds like you are one of the trolls, who believe it’s fine to walk into a nursery and challenge the toddlers for boxing.
There’s a reason for tiers, to have more balanced games. Since SR altering derankers, smurf accounts ruined tiers, you say it’s blizzard fault, that there’s not enough people in higher rank. Not true there’s not enough player, they just play at ranks where they don’t belong to and now trying to justify it like you.