Smurfs ruin Overwatch

You’re the one who tried to assume I’m Bronze or something. :woman_shrugging:

Don’t throw stones if you live in glass house.

I’m not the one who keeps saying “Good day” and then keeps coming back when their ego gets bruised. :rofl:

EDIT: See?

OH my god apparently you can’t read since I SAID I WAS IN BRONZE FOR 2 YEARS lol

Lol, no. Apparently you can’t type.

Can’t blame me for misreading what YOU mistyped. :rofl:

Mmmhmmm sure… lol so me stating earlier " check my profile its clear not a smurf been bronze for 2 years." just flew right over your head I take it then? nope nope nope know what im walking away lol have a nice day

Actually, yeah, since that was still horrible typing.

Best decision you’ve made all thread. :rofl:

Jeff recently acknowledged that smurfing is a problem and said they’re working on a solution but noted it’s complicated due to how account creation works on consoles.

In the meantime, report for cheating (because that’s what smurfing is, specifically “unfair advantage”) & move on.

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Not enough stress, no fun for quite a bit of people. Basically people like me want to play seriously and these modes don’t do that, thus playing with friends on smurfs is the best case.
Most of the time this is how it starts but then we just don’t feel right out of competitive thus get a smurf.

Which is good for Blizzard thus will never be fixed. Thats the thing, the best way to deal with smurfs is to force them up the ranks and ban the problem ones. If they repurchase then thats more money for blizzard and blizzard will never fix more income.

So, that way you say you’ve done improving, you are okay to be at this range?
If yes - you are basically throwing and smurfs are trying to cure you somehow, and now you lost any shame and get to forum to admit that you are completed hardstuck? Is that how you ppl play competitive? Not improving than get some stupid idea in your head that someone is ruining your experience and paste it on forums? Is that how your brain works? I hope there will be more and more highlevel players on your head, so you’re may be start doing something to carry your team instead of looking how others are able to do it! What a shame… I am diamond player he says…smurfs are ruining his experience…can you imagine this mindset? Omg, they are liking this posts, he is not alone with this broken mind…emergency Jeff they throwing games to maintain their hardstuck ranks, and not even mentoin it! They do it unconsciously! They think this is all smurfs fault! Someone call the wambulance!
PS You’ll have your issue being resolved if you just try to improve. GM elo is not that hard, and you always welcome back to diamond to “punish” those “alt account abusers” after you’d be able to.

As I said, forcing them up the ranks flat out does not work. Smurfs have long figured out how to game the system to either avoid being pushed up or simply purchase another smurf after they have been. I personally have friends who smurf regularly and have flat out told me they do this easily.

I’m aware that Blizzard probably sees this as a good way to make short-term money, but it’s unsustainable over the long-term.

Nothing is stopping you from playing seriously in QP or Arcade. You can even taunt the enemy team to get them to take it more seriously in those modes too. You’re just looking for an excuse to stomp low-ranked players, and it’s sad.

still isn’t the same, doesn’t get the blood flowing like a good comp match even when you are smurfing with friends. The rounds just can’t be replicated.

How is it fun when you just smack the other team with smurfs it’s not fun dominating a team or being dominated by a team. Look at OWL the games are exciting when they are close not when it’s just a sweep…


its really bad on psn bc u can just make an acc for free–
also on psn, theres so many smurfs in qp, its ridiculous. i will never understand why smurfs 5stack in qp (and ik its not to get to lv25 bc these players are well above it)

T bagging and being disrespectful have no place in any game.

That being said I disagree that smurfs ruin overwatch. I personally have an alt account and find it refreshing to feel I have value in a games outcome. It’s frustrating to watch tanks mitigate all my dmg on mcree sometimes I just want to shoot players and not shields.

But instead I need to uphold some system and play games where i’m not having fun. For what the victory. If overwatch feels like a job why on earth would I play it. I don’t go to work too come home to work.

Gold ranked games are much more enjoyable than low masters games. Even if im losing.

dude his issue is the tea bagging and talking smack, and even if you dont get smurfs does not mean there are none.

Reply to"Hardrada"…

Everyone has figured out you are smurffing on accounts, especially with the way you defend this action.

Let me put it to you this way. (and ANYONE whom smurffs here)

EXAMPLE: Lets say we decide to sponsor you in a boxing match in YOUR division. a person that is in YOUR weight division,( since that is how boxing matches work.) We are going to predict that YOU are going to be equally matched with THAT person. Then instead of someone coming out to the RING in your division, we place MIKE TYSON in the ring right as the bell RINGS and guess what…

(you aren’t guessing because Mike just got a good jab in and you are now down).

You see, that doesn’t feel fair does it?

You would want someone in a match, whom is similar to your stats and has the same striking capabilities as you, and can play on equal or nearly-fair terms. Based upon your stats. Even IF you have decent stats, You probably wouldn’t want to play against Mike Tyson in the ring?

So how come Mike Tyson is now in the ring with you?

EXAMPLE: Mike Tyson purposely just lost like 50 games, because he hypothetically decided he wanted an EASY win and to CRUSH someone in a one-shot record breaking K/O to sum up his career and get a good spotlight in the local news for that specific reason.

So do you start to see where ALL of us are coming from when it comes to SMURFFS, and especially when we are ON TEAMS. That means things like “tag teams” become cheated because the other team mate is UNDER PERFORMING while the other team mate is wanting to work better at HONING their skills. and doesn’t want the LOSS on their record. They worked for that WIN, but the team has to WIN. NOT just the player.

So all of this comes down to sports or as this game is supposed to be an “E Sport” where if players are doing that, it doesn’t matter if suspensions are handed out or NOT. We simply don’t want these types of players that do this specific behavior on OUR teams.

We want a system that sorts out this type of unsportsmanlike behavior and “gameplay sabotage”.

Me, I’ve logged 1,700 HOURS on the game and invested it into ONLY 1 account to IMPROVE and make a Career for myself. I don’t want to be on the team of those whom are throwing down, and face off against the team with FAKES that are now going rapidly up again to their original rank.

That is what SMURFFING has caused in this game and why besmirches everyone else here.

And no, I have NOTHING against Mike Tyson. Hes a REALLY good example of someone to compare to for a famous, well-known Athlete.


Just to add to this OW didn’t even start with a ranked mode. That was added a little bit later. Also with you on the not liking the ranked mode either. It’s a mess usually toxic and also yeah full of smurfs.

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I cannot recall what the original ranked system had for their numbering system. I know my friend played it all of the time and I watched them live stream it. lol

HEY, don’t send them over to QP!

We don’t like them there either!!

Smurfs like to play in Comp so Blizz should jsut increase the requirement level from 25 to like 150.

That means it’s harder for them to reach it and should put of the incentive to smurf as it’s likely not worth it.

Also i reckon most comp players would rather have an actual new player more trained in QP, in comp than one with a little over 25 hours worth of OW XP.


I meant they can do that on their main account. No reason to have another account when you can play on your main anyway just fine with friends. :woman_shrugging: