Smurfs Have Destroyed Competitive


A few months ago Jeff admitted smurfing is a problem and said they’re working on a solution but that it’s not an easy fix because they have to factor in how account creation works on consoles.

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If you’ve stagnated at your rank, then two things are important to keep in mind:
you’re going to stay there, and you’re going to lose half of your games.
If you get an obvoius smurf on the enemy team, start screwing around on torb or somethin. have some fun, go for stupid flanks, make jokes, get your team to BM their smurf, gg go next. You can’t win all of your games.

You admitted to smurfing on a different thread. You are part of the problem and thus, your advice is useless. I personally think smurfing is a selfish move by people with very low self esteem. Can’t switch to Pharah when things seem hopeless in real life though. That’s gotta sting.


Amen. A person’s character is present in every task, action, and decision.


“It’s just a video game.”



Because the game is dead at higher ranks so instead of moving on with their lives they come to lower ranks and sweat. It’s just sad


Have you got a link, please?

Here 'tis:


Thank you.

Good to know it’s being looked into, I do worry if it will ever be implemented… but I can be cynical.

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Yeah I’m kinda hesitant to believe Jeff on this one after his promise long ago that they were looking into a way to detect keyboard & mouse on consoles. Still waiting for an update on that…

It’s outdated at this point. There’s a more recent video that is from a discord conversation he had with content creators where the topic also came up. Basically said they have no problem with people having extra accounts but they hate when people manipulate the matchmaker and sr.

Yeah, last night, I played around 15 matches, and I think there were smurfs in all of them but 3. Those 3 matches actually had more high level players than I’d ever seen in single matches, which was good. But all of the other 12 matches were filled with players between level 33 and 350. At least 4 of the matches had genji smurf on each team. So every fight was decided by which genji is better. Genji, Mccree and Roadhog are the 3 heroes I saw smurfing the most, last night.


Well, smurfs comes with every FPS, that’s an unavoidable ‘‘package deal’’.
What can make it frustrating is that a smurf can’t be detected until we meet one, we can live with this reality or find a solution or stop competition.
I really don’t know which option would be best

It’s beyond me why you expect that you can gradually climb like you are switching from normal to hard difficulty like in some adventure game. How do you gradually climb against naturally better performing players than yourself?

I can still play and glimb up, funny thing.

So many I cat be bothered to read what u wrote.
Anyway u are right together with 1million posts.

So what they will do nothing use your time for something else

Possibly OW2 or later. So… what he really means by that is, they can only fix smurfing in OW1 when the capital to do so is raised in OW2. Fixing smurfs in OW2 will be an entirely different conversation. So in other words, they’ll only fix it when a new revenue stream takes it’s place.

Sounds whole lot like NOT FIXING IT to me.


It’s Blizzard. They don’t need to raise capital like an indie company would have to.

Overwatch and Overwatch 2 will share the same game client. Overwatch 2 will not be taking the place of Overwatch. It’s more of an expensive content unlock than anything else.

Of course you’d say that. Gotta keep those conspiracy theories flowing, after all.

Yes, they’re a huge corporate giant, but they have a Profits Bottom Line they wish to reach. Same principle.

Overwatch 2 WILL share the same game client, that’s true. But not right away.

It’s not a conspiracy theory when literally hundreds of vocal consumers are raging about it, not even considering the thousands of silent majority.


Yes, right away.

When Overwatch 2 is released, Blizzard stated there will be an update for the Overwatch client that will basically be re-downloading the game to facilitate the shared client as well as the updated graphics and new game mode Push for Overwatch as well as Overwatch 2.

I don’t currently throw games to get down to a lower level, and i don’t play on the account to purposefully ez clap people on pharah. So i don’t consider that a smurf. People that have thrown games to get their SR down to bronze are smurfing, not people who buy new acocunts to play other heroes that aren’t high level.