Smurfs are ruining my gamss

Do something about the smurfs. Role q has created so many smurfs because they can’t stand the role q wait times that they are ruining the game. Ur supposed to be matched against players the same SR and MMR as you get you’re allowing these higher skilled players run rampant in our games.

Literally get rid of role q already. The matches haven’t gotten better.

And anyone that defends smurfs you are the problem. As for “smurfs pay for another account so they should be allowed” well they don’t on Ps4 or xbox.


As it has been noted many times having alternate accounts is officially not a rules violation, but throwing or boosting is.

That being said, I personally will agree that having alternate accounts (especially on console) is causing more disruption and I do feel Blizzard should revisit their overall policies to how they handle disruptive behavior overall when it comes to alternate accounts. (I even talked about this in a video yesterday.)

I myself also see problems with alternate accounts on the PC platform both in my own games and in other games that I have watched on Twitch. Stunts from popular streamers like “Drunk Unranked to GM” challenges are showing up and I think they are disruptive to innocent players trying to do their best at various ranks.

The problem of course is how does anyone properly handle or restrict players from having more than one account. Some countries like Korea have rules and laws that help enforce this, but this is not so easy for western markets.


i mean i see where you’re coming from smurfs are annoying and hard to deal with, but i also see why they do it, sometimes its frustrating to deal with players equal or better then them so they go and seal club noobs because its funner.

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I’ve had multiple sub 25s in every game today. This is a huge problem even in QP. Every game is about who has the best smurf.


I would point out that I too have seen a lot of new accounts, but many are new players from the Holidays (some of them very nice too).


I don’t care about nice. When I get a Zarya who is a masters player at level 10 on the other team, the game is ruined. It doesn’t help if he’s friendly.

Oh yeah, and some of them are also terrible, and the system doesn’t seem to know which is which.


The holiday discounts was just a reason for people to purchase new accounts.


Yeah, there’s a lot of console refugees too.

I don’t really begrudge multiple accounts but I really wish they had botmatches or something other than messing up loads of games to get them ‘calibrated’ for MMR.

Here is the thing about ‘smurf’ accounts as people call them.
Let’s say a highly skilled high rank player starts a second account and plays at their own skill level they will quickly rush through the lower ranks then you will never see them again.
If they are staying at lower ranks then they are throwing games which has been already stated is against the rules.
Smurfs are fine as they are a very temporary issue.

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Dude… Smurfs are people that either do one of two things, lost enough games to buy a new account in hope to climb easier (which is understandable) or they basically think they are the next god to overwatch, and are tired of losing games so they buy accounts in hopes to stomp new people in games.

That being said the game just went on sale and there are new people playing the ame getting ready for ow2 to come out as well.

Plus if they are smurfs and I beat them I feel great honestly, I always tell them “Call me Gargamel because I’m gonna hunt me some smurfs.” and have a laugh.

All and all dude quit sweating the smurfs , yes we have them , but we also have new people coming to play as well and I love the fact this game is getting more fame again it deserves it.

Today just feels like a bad day to play Overwatch.

I had more fun on the forums today than the actual game, lol. Overwatch is feeling more and more like a good game in theory.


The problem is if there are so many people doing it at once that those guys are a large part of the population.

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for now. but if you think everyone is a ‘smurf’ then maybe the issue is that you are worse than you should be for your ranking and people are just better than you.
I hold my own (as D’Va and only D’Va) in my matches as it puts me at my (low) skill rating vs other players of that skill rating.
Sorry but blaming you being bad on smurfs is self-fulfilling prophecy.

I hate smurfs especially in comp.

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It isn’t about “oh just wait til they rush through ranks”. That doesn’t solve the problem. The problem is that they are there to begin with. On console, you own the game once, switch an account boom you can smurf. It’s worse on console, but PC is having it a lot more. I agree, Blizzard should revisit their rules. Smurfing is cheating and unfair to those who are legitimately trying to climb and improve their rank.

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how is it cheating ? Owning multiple accounts is not against the rules anywhere and each account has it’s own ranking.

as far as solving the problem that requires there to actually be a problem.

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Hence why I said they should go back to the rule book. Please read all what I said.

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And what rule should they add ? that people can’t play better than Negan as that makes them a smurf ?

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Alright, you’re trolling. See ya.

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Am I missing the true definition of smurf ? someone in a lower rank playing better than you ?