Smurfs are a real issue

it really ruins the game and makes the game unplayable, especially at lower levels. Please fix this. Not fun for anyone.

“I bought the game, so it’s justified.”

Yeah, I agree and this statement comes along with it all the time.


Didn’t Jeff clear this up the other day, saying that having alt accounts doesn’t justify a report? The matchmaker will send that account to their proper MMR after one game.


Jeff said this exact thing.

Just b/c Jeff said it’s justified, doesn’t mean it’s not broken or necessarily a good thing.

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Yep, kinda sucks when you just move to PC and you’re still learning the controls but you can’t actually practice cause you are getting dunked on

LoL it will move them to their proper MMR after ONE game?!?! Ahhhh hahahahahahahahaha!


I’m going to guess this is sarcastic, since literally nothing I’ve heard from Jeff about matchmaking/social features has been true.

This is no exception. Smurfs suck.

Have you not seen what he wrote in this thread

uhhh… not quite

just fyi the guy creating the game has a slight bias when discussing people purchasing additional copies of the game that makes him rich

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The quote is above. He didn’t say one game. If someone plays normally it does get you to your elo quick though.

Yes, and like I said, it’s a blatant lie. We all know how easy it is for high-skill players to game the system and play at whatever rank they want. The problem isn’t people smurfing with accounts that they want in top 500, those are fine. It’s the people who smurf at bronze-plat just so they can roll people. Simple matter of throwing every other game and bam, your SR will never move. Doesn’t matter if every other game you also get 15 team kills and 50 headshots as Widow.

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I don’t think it’s an issue they can ever fix 100%, there will always be smurfs.

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The amount of people that make new accounts…the “correct” MMR doesn’t even matter at that point! In addition, when do smurfs EVER play by themselves? They’re always carrying other people - but you can’t report them for “boosting” b/c it’s “legitimate” since they’re “smurfs”. RETARDED!

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MrBubbles I’m saying this because your in diamond but that’s not true at all. Smurfs don’t move on quickly infact they will throw many games just to maintain their low rank. I have a smurf account a few hundred SR below me and it does not make crazy gains at all