Smurfs and boosters have won blizzard any words?

the smurf problem is getting out of hand and humble bundle has just made it worse. almost every game there is someone on the other team “im not a smurf” “my aim sucks” “hey guys any tips for this hero” all under or just slightly over level 100 completely destroying. even all of the top youtube personalities/creators whatever you prefer to call them… have called out the smurf problem as A HUGE PROBLEM. some of them report 3 of every 5 games has a smurf in it… i sadly have experienced about 7 or 8 of 10 games with a straight up smurf (not an alt acct)
most often its about 3 of 10 games with a leaver due to getting absolutely destroyed. now i feel as though i can handle the smurfs… i feel confident in my ability to counter them for the most part but why should i have to babysit 3 4 or maybe even all 5 of the other players on my team? and why should their gameplay experience be ruined by some bored troll… IMO that is gameplay sabotage and should be reportable.
i know very well there are hundreds if not thousands of other people really pissed off by this and really just want to enjoy the game like we used to.

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20 characters…

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The smurf issue is just people being frustrated of being worse than they expected
95% of ppl that get accused of smurfing aren’t even smurfs
I doubt any high rank enjoys playing vs 2.5-3k ppl…

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The type of smurfs I heavily dislike are the type to go on a deranking spree. And holy hiffle, there’s too many of them. I don’t mind losing to smurfs, I just don’t want to be in the same team with a smurf who wants to go down.


sadly there is still smurfs who doing throwing for sake of youtube video with their alts and system not even punish them doing that. some smurf just love stomping and make unfair match for everyone who is way under smurfs skill level

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is this okey for you? personally this disgusting

There was a YouTuber that was a smurf smurf who all he did was throw and throw and throw. The depressing thing is that I see other streamers (though from what I gather have a small following atleast in terms of scale compared to even some of the lesser known pro OWL players who do stream) who do pretty much the same thing… yet it was only that YouTuber who got punished at all by Blizzard. Wow…

Right, but…

if you can DETECT they are a smurf, it is because they have thrown down.

You can have alts, you just can’t throw games.

When people are saying smurfing has gotten out of control, they are talking about the ones they can detect, the ones which have thrown WAY down below their rank.

So, is smurfing cheating? no, is it when you are detectable as a smurf, yes…

Smurfs and alt accounts are cowards who perpetuate the same problems

I propose all those pro-level smurfs join up, agree to go into platinum & diamond and wreak havoc. Then maybe more people would believe what we bronze are saying.

Yes, in the 25% of people that play in plat all of diamond and masters and gm making up around 15% are in every game you play.