Smurfing is cheating

I will stop smurfing the day I will be able to play more than 2 games per hour because they messed up with dps queue times

As the devs have said before, there is nothing wrong with an alt account trying to get back in their rank, however derankers can be reported.

In addition, manipulating the system to be lower than you should be is also reportable which is how they usually end up banning them but the problem is it takes a lot of time.

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Deranking throwing or just making a new account and being placed lower? Because the latter isn’t against the rules.

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Found the smurf! LOLOL


Smurfing implies throwing. Smurfing isn’t just creating an alt account. It’s creating an alt account and then trying to place badly so you can climb from the lowest rank possible like the bronze to GM challenges.

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No no it doesnt. You imply that smurfing is throwing. Thats not what it means by definition. Those derankers are smurfing ( which is perfectly fine) but they are also throwing ( which is not fine)

That it does not mean that we cannot “abuse” the system for reporting them for cheating. The devs saying that only because the company wants more money… but what the @Hakkonen says, the description for cheating is clear! so we can do that and they might be suspended for a while or something!! WE can punish them, we dont need the devs.

Yes, it is by definition. There’s a difference between creating an alt account and smurfing. Smurfing requires you to create an alt account, but there’s more to it than that.

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This means practice results in an unfair advantage. Having a better pair of eyes than someone else. More honed reflexes from something entirely different. Faster sound response time than someone else.

I hate to break it to you bud. This is the shakiest foundation of any sort of logical reasoning I’ve ever seen.

We are not on even playing fields.

For example; If I were to enter a brand spankin new fighting game, I would bring my 20 years of fighting game experience with me. I’m not going to bench it and say OH LET ME JUST GET BEATEN 500 TIMES. Nonono. I’m going to use all my tools at my disposal to make sure I learn the most I possibly can from every opponent. That my dear friend, is not cheating. That is my life.

Competition exists to hone our skills. If you cannot comprehend honing your skills, you don’t belong in competition.

Nah sorry but thats wrong

Smurfing is against the rules, but alternate accounts (where you play at the same skill level) are not.

The main problem lies in the fact that we call both kinds of accounts “smurfs.”

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It’s not. It’s an old WOW term.

In multiplayer online gaming, the term “Smurf” (noun) is used to refer to an experienced player who creates a new account for the purposes of being matched against inexperienced players for easy wins.

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Doesnt say throwing in that definition

My definition is the older and more widespread one. That definition of smurfing is just having an alt account. That’s not the original connotation or why it has such a negative perception. People try to change definitions all the time, but that isn’t the right definition.

For sake of argument, if we do that. What do you call what I call smurfing because that’s what most of these “smurfs are bad” threads are talking about is someone creating an alt with the intent of playing some easy games against inexperienced or bad players.

If your definition is the wider spread definition, then why is the first result when searched this definition?

Heuristics, data, and logical representation of fact can be ignored, but it cannot be undone.

Urban dictionary my man. There’s an entire article in there about a friend of mine. It’s just a joke of a website.

Do you have any idea how many definitions some words have? :joy: It’s like reading an essay following a single word.

Declaring a word can only have one definition is actual insanity.

What do you call it when someone creates a new account and then intentionally tries to place as low as possible? Because that’s what all these “smurfs are bad” or “smurfs are cheating” or whatever topics are about.

The point is that creating a new account with the intent of matching against low ranked players is a bad thing.

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