Smurfing is cheating, change my mind

how isn’t it cheating? if you had a sports team and fielding a ringer that is considered cheating


The main reason this thread was created is because of the feeling that “people that belong in higher ranks, yet playing in lower ranks, feel like they are using aimbots” due to their skill difference.

Like I said, it’s not cheating but it sure as heck feels like it is.

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Thats why my accounts that I play solo Q are close to each other. And yes, throwing is gameplay sabotage, smurfing isnt.

  1. comp is not sports
  2. comp is not a “team” in same way as you have football team or does the football teams work like that you have huge pool of players and they are given score and some guy randomly picks players near others score and randomly put them on 2 teams that have close average score?

but it is a team, its like having Ronaldo play in your 5 a side team with a fake nose and moustache on


20 characters…


No its not like that I just explained, or do they actually do what I just explained in your country? In my country it works way differently.

oh not this claptrap again

No. it does not determine skill “very quickly” unless the player plays like a beast all the way to level 25 and during their initial placements and then the next 10 or so games after that.

But players who smurf, aka players who want to stay in lower ranks to feel superior, do not do this.

They deliberately play worse to get placed in lower ranks and then stay there, when they see that their MMR is moving them up a little too high for where they want to be, they throw.

After so many games under their belt in the low ranks, it takes them longer and longer to move to their true rank even if they start trying to get there, because of all the historical “anchor” data on their account.


the whole point of smurfing is at some point they throw matches to get to the sr they want to stomp in. so therefore they will at some point disrupt games infatc the whoel they they do because they aren’t playing at their lvl at any point

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yes its called being a ringer, a ringer is someone who plays for a sports team who is a much , much higher skilled player. its against the rules


Smurfing can be immediately solved if they don’t make ranking up such a grind. But that is the idea, I am sure that 40 million player base, about half are people buying new accounts.

You should worry about changing the minds of the OW Devs.

PCGaming overwatch-director-jeff-kaplan-says-smurfing-isnt-really-a-problem/

“Smurfing—and I know this isn’t what you want to hear—isn’t really that big of an issue,” Kaplan wrote. “For example, a few weeks ago one of the Pro Overwatch players created a smurf account and was streaming from it. We were able to watch his MMR internally and compare it against his ‘main’ account. Within 15 games, the MMR’s were equal. I know there is a very bad perception of smurfing. But the reality is, skilled players are moved rapidly out of lower skill situations.”

When the lead OW Dev thinks there is no problem whatsoever? Then Smurfs are here to stay for the entire lifespan of Overwatch.

That’s it. That’s all.

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I guess reading isnt ur strong point.

Ranking up for a smurf is not a grind. Also 40m player base is like… yeah no its not that big.

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how many smurf accts do you own?

Heh. Where did 40 million come from?

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Read what Jeff wrote again.


No idea. You should prolly ask the guy who made the claim.

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Smurfing itself is not cheating.

However, the reality is, many many smurfs ALSO purposely throwing games to maintain their low rank, so they can repeatably stomp players ranked much lower than the smurfs real SR.

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