Smurfing is a necessity

Yeah, no. When OWL teams hit the ranks as a six stack and started farming ladder GMs, they ran to Blizzard yelling about unfair matches and when the OWL teams hit the ladder the next time, the ladder GMs all logged off so they wouldn’t have to have unfair matches. THAT’S why six stacking was banned in GM - for fair matches.

Anyways, most of the smurfing going on isn’t caused by GMs, it’s caused by hardstuck Plats and Diamonds who can’t bear to face a defeat screen on the ladder. Their fragile egos need constant stomps for validation, and they make up all sorts of ridiculous excuses for it.


You may have a point but there was nothing unfair about that. Those OWL teams had to work for months if not years to achieve that level of teamwork and coordination.

Why should they not be rewarded for being good at the game?


Ask the GMs who got the change made.


Yep! I’m currently in plat/diamond and the meta is better Smurf with a pocket wins! Occasionally there are outliers when the Smurf is unable to carry, but it’s pretty easy to go “Oh, this person’s name is AsheMain69 with a 90% wr! Better pocket!” and then they walk all over your team from afar!

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OP: “Smurfing is NEEDED. Ya’ll just complain and don’t offer suggestions”
Us: “Play quickplay and don’t ruin people’s games, how about that for a solution”
OP: “I’m never gonna do that. Not the answer I wanted to hear.”


Ninetales, I am sorry but I am going to call this out right now, the reason you gave is exactly the reason why players at lower skill levels complain about smurfs. This is why the game can feel terrible for everyone from bronze to grand master. I understand your frustration not to be able to play in a full team, but there is a very specific reason. Here is Scott Mercer’s post on the matter.

In short, Competitive is about playing in a Competitive environment and it will not accommodate to everyone perfectly. If it’s about playing with friends, you need to stick to Quick Play or playing in scrims on the Game Browser. I wish it could be easier for everyone to have a six-stack but at the GM rank, there are NOT enough players to accommodate, especially for low populated regions. However, deliberately creating a new account to play against others lower than your actual skill level is what the community has a problem with and proves their point.

Does Blizzard need to make changes to fix this? Hell yes. If it was me, I would reorganize Competitive into strictly solo queue and team queue, but unless other existing filters (Role Queue, Open Queue, group spread restrictions, group priority matchmaking, etc.) are lifted, I don’t think we can reasonably expect any more changes that separate our competitive community even further without impacting the queue times. Understand I am doing everything I can to bring more attention to the issues of Competitive integrity, but please… playing deliberately at lower ranks on a ranked ladder is not playing fair in Overwatch.


Quick. Play.


You’re not actually GM though. The ranks are a total joke thanks to no-resets, countless alts, and mmr-rigging.

How do you know you’re actually good? You need to play a washed ded game with bribed queues. You need alts because 3-4 games of peak output and that’s enough for the night? You need the padding and spoonfeeding of 222, you need heals/tanks, you need metas, and you also need friends?

That’s crutch af. Gitgud with us in <500 OPEN - where the ranks come to you.

Smurfing in GM fundamentally broke the ladder. 6 stack of GM players was basically an auto win and no one wanted to do it. They got rid of it because they wanted the top of the ladder to not be a bunch of 6 stackers from top to bottom.

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Sorry, but the number of smurfs that currently exist is not the same amount as the number of GMs. There are plenty of people who are smurfing that don’t need to be. I will continue to blame smurfs for ruining the matchmaking of both comp and QP whenever I feel like.


GMs make up 1% of the population at most, most low level portraits are just plats on alt accounts, whether you want to define that as a smurf it’s up to you but legitimate GM smurfs are really rare


While I don’t agree with Ninetales at all, the responses on this forum show exactly the same apathy that smurfs show when they stomp on lower ranks.

“Not my problem”
“Go play quick play”

You don’t care.

Yet you expect someone else to care about you.

It’s quite hypocritical.

I personally have a hatred for derankers more than smurfs that try hard to climb.

That being said, it IS an issue that people can’t play with their friends in GM and quick play is NOT a replacement.

Acting like it is is either apathetic (in which case don’t complain if they don’t care about your complains) or just plain ignorant.

A separate team queue to solo queue might be good solution.


this is literally why i dont play comp people buy a new account then theyre like IM DOING A BRONZE TO GM CHALLENGE gtfo here man youre a gm smurfing in bronze thats not even what why no stop


The moment I buy an account boost specifically to ruin GM games is the moment I’m as guilty as them.

Don’t try and victim blame. It’s a bad look all around.


Then play custom games. They’re arguably more fun anyway. :woman_shrugging:


All I’m gathering from this post is that GM players can be incredibly selfish.

Nobody cares if you can’t play with your Diamond friends in Ranked - You shouldn’t be playing with them anyway! Stick to your own rank and leave fair players alone.


But there is a power-law relationship between frequency and count. The top1% players are less frequent, but they show up wayyy more often (by virtue of being and staying top). They don’t necessarily show up on their 1 and only main account. Just guestimating, I’d say the plat kids are more likely to have 3-4 accnts but the GMs are likely to have like 5-7. And boosters have 11+. I’ve met someone come clean and reveal they were in charge of 78-111 accounts.

Play QP then. problem solved.


Not a competitive mode so no.

If you want to play with friends, as a social thing, then QP it. It isn’t hard.
Wrecking other peoples games is incredibly selfish. If you want to comp, because you care about SR, then you comp.

If you want to play with friends, then you QP in GM.