Smurfing = Cheating


Isn’t account sharing against the terms though?


No, he is not at the same skill level, most of the time the players smurfing are just passing by on his escalator while everyone else is climbing the ladder.

First off, he is a professional player, he is supposed to be playing with some of the top players in the region/world/whatever, it doesn’t matter if his skill isn’t up to par, if you’re placed with professional players then you’re a professional player.
You should be placed where you are labeled as, truly labeled as, just because you wear that silver badge, doesn’t mean you’re qualified to.


Agreed. And the matchmaker will never give a silver badge to a professional player as long as he is not throwing. And if it does there is something wrong with the matchmaker, not the player.


Doesn’t matter if they’re throwing or not, you shouldn’t be beating green belts if you’re jackie chan.


Sure, I agree but smurfs throw to get to bronze.
And in low bronze, there is 5 players, so MMR doesn’t really matter.


The point is that if people don’t throw all of their accounts will be ±500SR from their main. If they do throw, then we have an actual problem. Playing on alt accounts does not give you an unfair advantage, that is my point.


really? the only smurf I have ever encountered was one of my friends smurfs, and he played on his usual skill rating. where exactly is this “smurf hell” that people are talking about?


EXAMPLE: You are a god player of dark souls that went past NG+100, and now you’re making a fresh new game. How is it fair for someone that says is part of their rank but has the knowledge and expertise to beat every boss over all three games, three times for each said game, without dying once.

Yes I agree that people that throw their account to be 500sr and go all the way back up should be banned. But if you have a fresh account with knowledge and expertise to click heads as widow, slice and dice as genji, and have all the skill of which only a GM/top 500 player should have at bronze then yeah, you should be banned too.
Quit kicking babies in the teeth, they can’t even walk.


It is when the matchmaker purposely forms teams based on skill, not realising theres a player on one team with twice the true SR of anyone else in the game.


If a player does his absolute best and still gets placed lower than he should be then explain to me how is it his fault? What could he have done differently?


That’s the thing, you don’t even have to try with GENUINE bronze players, I smurfed at that rank, its crazy sad how godly and trash players can be there.

And to what they could’ve done differently, Clears throat



Creating a new account to play on a lower skill tier just to mess with people actually belonging there gives you an unfair advantage. Even more so it gives teammates (although they can’t do anything about it) or premades (they probably asked for that) an unfair advantage. Thus being equal to cheating.


Most people do this on their mains.


As, so it’s totally not the bronze player’s fault when a Diamond ranked player throws to get bronze, and then beats them?


But the professional is throwing.
That’s the point.


Well it’s definetly dishonest.


smurf or no smurf ,either and or,if you cant handle a “smurf” early game then you probably aren’t going to handle one late game…get good and stop complaining about smurf bs.


Well that is what I am trying to say. We should not ban people for having alt accounts, we should ban them for throwing. And Blizzard are already banning people for throwing so I don’t see what the problem is.


Whats the unfair advantage about it? They are playing the game just like everyone else. Smurfing by classical definition is creating alternate identity to make another account. Its was originally a term used for when people put bank accounts under another identity to avoid the IRS.

Making a new account and playing normally is not against the rules Jeff has said that himself. If i make a new account and play normally whats unfair about that.

I think the biggest problem is the skill variance in gold threw plat. There could be diamond even masters players that start in gold. They could get up to diamond and drop to gold again this happens do to bad teammates throwers and leavers. One person can not carry a game.

Last time I checked even boosters use 2-4 stacks. The other team just could have players that happen to be able to work together. When that’s going on its could feel like the “Smurf Effect” you are experiencing. The reason you are loosing is not because of “Smurfs” you probably just are not that good.

Other reason you are loosing is because of bad healers and tanks. You can have a 1 not so good dps and still win. Bad healers or tanks nope you loose.

If the other team has a good healer and you don’t. Isn’t that a unfair advantage and are they not cheating by your definition as well?

People need to get over there delusions and realize the smurf problem is not that bad. There might be a lot of them but good teamwork can stop them. Smurf widow destroying your team? Run wiston genji. Have your anna or mercy (whatever healer) in a good position to heal you while u dive her. Other teams solider carrying? Get on coms, convince your team mates hes a smurf and you need to dive him. If its one player carrying the other team that’s on you and your team. You earned the loss.


OMG, this player that is TOTALLY A BRONZE PLAYER just keeps sniping me in the head with bug butt black widow by grappling up and falling straight down, sniping me and the fast orange girl in the air, I can totally kill her and try to win this game that I want to keep playing.