Smurfing = Cheating


Ok, we all know spam is not needed… such as smurfs. Bye.


If you cant co ordinate enough with your team to shut down one smurf on the enemy team then how do you expect to rank up and compete against better players?


So you, for exemple, can beat easy a top 500 player if you want to climb to grandmaster. That’s what your saying?


It all depends on what definition you give to a smurf account.

Is it :

  • an other account on the same rank
  • playing below your rank

I am totally agree that the last one can be seen as a cheat.


both my smurfs are higher than my main by around 300-350sr, does this mean my main is a smurf now, and im cheating by playing games at this rank?


Not at all :), also because you’re allowed to have more accounts, and specially because the SR difference is not out of range with your other accounts.


you are right. I had a grandmaster Hanzo smurf in one of my games and we still beat him. Usually, each team in diamond and above has one smurf so it doesn’t really matter if people smurf.


I’ve tried that before. Most of the time people don’t even bother listening to the team chat. Other times they ignore it. And just last week after trying to get the help, somebody posted in team text, “How do you silence other players?”

So coordination doesn’t really work unless you are lucky enough to have 5 friends all on at the same time who want to play and are serious about it. I’ve tried LFG and the only groups I see lately for Comp have some variation of “looking to throw” in the title.


No, smurfing is not cheating, if that was the case if a normal diamond fought with a normal bronze player would count as cheating too.


Well hi-diddly-ho neighborino.

The act of smurfing is a difficult one to pinpoint, and there are safeguards in place that prevent players from running rampant as a smurf.

For one you can’t simultaneously stomp/steamroll and maintain a low rank without a net negative performance per game. A smurf staying at a lower rank is going to have a hard time staying there if he keeps outperforming his peers.

You can’t report for smurfing, but you can report for Smurfs throwing to maintain lower rank status. So if someone is throwing, please smash that report button, it’ll benefit everyone if everyone does it.


wait…what? how is it “pay” 2 win?


I don’t have that much of a problem if the smurf is on the enemy team but when they throw on my team is when it starts to become an issue. But i am considering even with a handicap of 5 vs 6 or 4 vs 6 with the other 1 or 2 players feeding that it’s a challenge I would rather take and see if I can accomplish. it feels like a greater win to obtain if the odds are stacked against me than if everything is equal.

And when the smurf is on the enemy team if i ignore the taunts of stupidity like “rektum” and “EZ” and see it as an opportunity I wouldn’t have otherwise, meaning i’d never get placed into matches with them at my level, then I see it as something a mix from the norm where I can learn from it. I don’t really care if i get out of my level of rank as either way it is good as long as I get some new understanding from it that i didn’t have before. A person learns the most from a loss than from a win. A loss pinpoints a weakness that can be strengthened. A win only tells you that you might be doing something right but it can give you a false sense of security and status and cause overconfidence.

Rank doesn’t seem to be a true reflection of how good a player is since there are a number of things a person can do to increase their SR such as get carried by a friend, use some type of character that might be OP’d, and maybe others that exploit the system.


MM puts together players not only of balanced SR but also of balanced MMR. I think its very good at recognizing smurfs, cause I have some experience with it. If enemy team has a smurf, very likely your has one too.
Once in a n-tier game I couldnt stomp on enemy genji as genji because as it turned out, we were about the same level. Immediately I saw he doesnt belong in there, just like me lol.
Another match one guy went straight ‘My rank is xxxx, whats yours?’


So by your logic, a professional sports player (football, basketball, etc.) goes and plays against Middle Schoolers is totally alright. As long as they can somehow fit the profile of a group at hand.

Fun fact, this happened not too long ago with a basketball player. An adult was playing for a high school basketball team, and it started catching wind with why this particular player was dwarfing the competition. In some cases quite literally. Come to find out, it was an adult the whole time who was posing as a teen.


It Depend on your rank. There isn’t enough player in low bronze for that kind of system.


Your mains MMR keeps you anchored down so you keep placing where you’ve been, or like me, just MOVE UP 3 SSR, THREE WHOLE GOATSING SSR!!! But you don’t have that problem because you don’t have mmr to begin with.
So think of it as a booster, sure it’ll get you further but you still need to get there with some effort.


Im going on roblox, play a hard core ooby and stay there for about an hour just to hear all the OOFs needed to feel you. And I already feel you.


If there was a tournament which had a matchmaker maching basketball players according to their skill level and a professional player still got matched against middle schoolers without throwing any games then yes, I do think that the player did absolutely nothing wrong. The matchmaker is to blame in this situation.


Just wanted to leave this here, do with what you will with it.


I don’t think there needs to be more bronze? It would just put a Level 1 new player against random average players at the peak of the bell curve and adjust upward or downward based on personal performance. By the time they move out of quick play, unless they have been purposely throwing every game, it should put them close to their actual MMR level and like-competitors to compete with in competitive regardless of account level (which is irrelevant).

Other than bullying for personal enjoyment and occasional easy games (trolling or power tripping), I see no real benefit to smurfing. If they were masters dropping to fight easy games in platinum, what is the point? Because if they kept winning against lower ranks, they should move up quickly to face masters again. Personally, other players I see win a match they either don’t mention smurfs or become themselves toxic to potentially new players giving a poor experience. But when they lose they’re quick to search for scapegoats: “x character is op”, “x is toxic”, " they had smurfs", “blizzard forces 50%”.