Smurfing = Cheating


I know most peoole play PC here but the smurf issue is a billion times worse on console. You do not even have to buy another copy of the game.

Just swap to another user name and play on that.


Smurfs will only be deemed a problem if the pros voice their opinion. If not they’re a great source of income for Blizzard so they’ll continue to allow them.


This MMR really thinks i’m a smurf because my girlfriend plays quickplay, and she’s not as experienced at the game, so obviously there’s a sort of large skill margin right now between us. So she goes for a few hours, then I got play comp and it’s just a battle of the smurfs lol

In Bronze, you just hope there’s more/better smurfs on your team than there is the other


I feel like people have started to forget what the term smurf means.


50% win rate

Tell that to me for the games i keep getting with leavers, 4 dps, trolls, throwers, feeders, healers that dont heal, torb players that place their turret in spawn and emote, sym players that dont communicate where tp is, kids that dont know the mechanic of any hero, people getting hard countered and refuse to switch, stacks with multiple smurfs, keyboarders, aimbotters, no shield tank, people who dont use ult correctly, people who use ult on their own, people who cant stagger, people who blame dps, people who blame tanks, people who blame healers.

50% yeah right


Most modern games do. Started roughly when online console gaming became mainstream (x360/ps3 era). Before that it was virtually nonexistent.

As for the 2nd comment, sure it’s my choice for that 2nd and 3rd account, it’s also my choice for the first account. I’m a veteran fps player and matching me with other beginners in this game is just as unfair. I could just not buy a game that matches me with them.
How exactly is it not cheating if i’m better than others when I first play a game, but suddenly is for my 2nd time? It could even be my oppopnents 10th time but he’s still worse than my 2nd


So what if you are “fps veteran” ? OW isnt pure fps. Your pre-OW fps knowledge wont help in OW game mechanics, tactics and certain hero gameplay. It all comes with in-OW expercience. You may be great CS player but in OW you may become medicore one… both are very different games. So ur point is invalid.

Ur mechanical skill may be better and you will climb pretty fast (probably), but as I pointed above, as fresh OW player you wont have strict in-game knowledge, which is main factor if it comes to climbing (as pro BF player you wont instantly win against GM OW players… they will stomp you with ez) Gap between these two players wont be that big like it is between fresh player vs experienced GM. If you are currently GM player, you should be playing at that lvl coz MM decided too. But for some weird reasons smurfs are trying to play against way lower ranks, doing something that is against MM.


Love people who think they carry all the games! Such a team based minds!!

Then most of thoose players are way far of a really good level…



All I said was that sometimes you have a good day and actually get a lot more done than everyone else. Likewise, you can have a bad day. Nobody can carry the whole team in every game.
That was exactly my point. That’s why soloqueue-smurfing isn’t a problem, it only becomes problematic when several players team up and deliberately stay in the lower ranks. As said intentional losing is forbidden.


Smurfing is the real reason I don’t play comp


It’s also SR manipulation, which is another bannable offense.


i’m way too confused as to how ~alternate accounts~ are a-ok. like, no, it’s a smurf, it’s literally a smurf.
i severely doubt that all smurfs eventually reach their own sr. i first played OW on my brother’s account (console) just to try it out, and that’s the account where i learned pretty much everything, and still play. i’m in diamond, and have been for a long time.
guess what happened when i made an account of my own? placed in gold. stuck in gold. still better than most of the other players, but continually pushed down by either better smurfs on the opposite team or an awful team of my own. yes, i admit to smurfing, which is why i don’t use that account anymore, because it’s unfair and ruining games for other people.
but seriously, blizz. the smurf issue is out of control. no, it’s not fair. you have no way of telling if that new account is either actually silver on their main, too, or is actually a masters player.
there can be a system developed to figure out the smurfs. or put a limit on the number of accounts per ip address.


“you have more experience with basic mechanics like how to use terrain, cover and aim but not with literally everything in the game so you’re not better”

yeah you just want to be right, not have an argument. im done here


Smurfs are alts which are allowed.
Throwing to be in a lower rank or boosting isn’t. If you feel someone is doing one of those report them so they get banned.


Smurf’s get put in their own rank pretty quickly, The people you talk about, throw to get into lower ranks.

Stop accusing the wrong people. Smurfing is fine. By smurfing I mean a vet player on a new account, having no intention of playing vs new players.


If one comes then when will the next show up, then the next, then those two playing together and then you realize almost all your matches have a smurf or 2. This is a problem much more severe on console, then after all that you’ll be saying “Am I still having fun anymore?” “Tons of players are smurfing where I am so why do I even try?” “Why don’t I just smurf to have fun down there?”
Being completely destroyed by “players the same rank as you” is very frightening to newer players, so why would they even play at all?


I report every smurf who i can :slight_smile:
Anti Smurf Squad ftw


So why even have a rank system? Just pair up whoever and the game will weed out all the noobs, right? Great thinking.


my smurf is 3800 and my main is (im guessing) 3200

where do i report myself to kaplan for cheating and ruining games


Technically, the unfair advantage started when they had the extra money to buy more licenses of Overwatch.


Turns out this is easier said than done, as many (even on here) have brought up issues with the reporting system, and that it’s extremely difficult to get someone banned for “throwing,” because all they have to do is just “have a bad day” or whatever.