Smurfing = Cheating

if the person really was a professional, then they would be at the the professional levels. The only way they would have gotten that low is by throwing.

That’s what it might means for one part, but surfing has evolved to mean something else in gaming - namely creating a new account to play against less experienced accounts.

No, it’s not.
But that’s not what smurfing is.
That’s like saying ‘well in order to speed you need a car. Everyone with a car speeds.’ That’s not true. People with cars can speed, but that doesn’t mean everyone speeds.
People who smurf need a new account. Not everyone with a new account is a smurf, but you still need a new account to do that.

Totally my fault that, as a bronze player, I’m not as good as a diamond player.
My fault, whoops.

Oh look.
Someone else willing to throw blame.
If you’re saying it’s a group effort, then you can’t blame the support and tank.

If the other healer is still at my rank, and not smurfing/throwing, then yes it is fair. But you are comparing two different things.

Good teamwork? Convince your team? Yes, let me do that with exactly 0 other people on the voice chat or listening. Tell me more of how I can do that.
‘You earned the loss, because as bronze players you’re supposed to be better than grand masters. If you lost, it’s your fault.’

So why would it be any different for someone in masters-t500.

I highly doubt there is that many smurfs down there. The aim skill down there is vast though. You know you can have decent aim, bad positioning, no game sense or willingness to play as a team. You will be stuck in a low rank.

I never said that starting a new account was against the rules.

“Starting a new account is not against the rules. Boosting or throwing is against the rules.

If you start a new account and play normally, the matchmaker determines your skill level very quickly and matches you with similar players.”
These people would be throwing games, which is against the rules. If the people really were professionals, they would not be playing against actual new players or lower ranked ones. But that they are tells me that they are throwing, which against the rules.
There are plenty of people who do the ‘watch me climb from bronze up!’ So yeah, it happens.

There can be people like that, but there are also plenty of good people who just don’t want to climb. I’ve had some awesome games, some that I think are better than the gold+ matches I have been in.

that’s absolutely false!

  1. they can’t play competitive until they’re level 25 and by that time the game has figured out their MMR if they are in your game they most likely deserve to be in your game
  2. in overwatch if you play competitive with friends you’ll be put in a game that has an average SR equal or very close to your group’s average SR keep that in mind and based on my experience if you’re too good for your SR you should be able to carry… so if they are terrible and trying to get carried… well there’s someone here that CAN carry (their group mate)
  3. the more you focus on how others are performing the more upset you get… back when i used to play comp i kept this mentality to stay sane “if it’s my fault, find out what i did wrong so i can improve and if it’s someone else’s fault well… there’s always the next game”
  4. you can queue dodge take a 5 min break especially when you’re tilted
  5. we have an “avoid as teammate” button now knock yourself out
  6. you saying that it’s cheating because the report option states that it is just means that either blizzard is going to ignore you entirely or they will change the statement so smurf-ing wouldn’t fall under cheating anymore and there’s nothing you can do about that (Jeff has said in the past that they are okay with alternate accounts)
  7. I personally don’t own an alternate account but i do think they are an essential part of overwatch staying alive… let me explain! overwatch doesn’t have a lot of ways to make money you can grind all of the event cosmetics easily so buying loot boxes is just for the people who don’t play the game enough (by enough i mean 2hrs everyday / every other day) and overwatch league is an absolute joke so buying more accounts is the only meaningful way for blizzard to make money off of overwatch and for that reason alone i fully support smurfs / alt accounts… I don’t want this game to die because it wasn’t making enough money…

maybe but for activision is smurfing = 40 moneys = :+1:


and there’s nothing wrong with that

An alternate account does not mean smurfing.
Smurfing is when you purposefully make an account to throw games until you are playing with players who are much lower than your actual rank. That is against the rules.
Just creating a new account to play with other people who are still at your level is not against the rules.
They are different things.

That fits an entire 2-3 people! Wow, so many!

So the person… was smurfing… throwing games in order to de-rank to play with the person.

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… Yep … Exactly !!!

So go ahead and report them when they are throwing. Just because you decide that they must have thrown games at some point is not a good enough reason to ban someone.

So please tell me how high ranked players would be playing against low ranked players if they aren’t throwing?

If they were higher ranked, then they would already be out of the lower ranked games. And, you said it, they threw games (and still are) that is against the rules.

Keep in mind YOU were the one who brought in the whole professional player thing.

I did not bring in the professional thing, I was responding to another person, who mentioned it. They could be in low ranked games because placements are not perfect. Kabaji (t500 dps main) got placed in plat on his alt. I (a solid mid masters player) placed in gold on my alt. I did not throw a single game and tried my best every game. Obviously I stomped my way out of gold, but it was not my fault I was even there. If you see a person throwing by all means go ahead and report him, but reporting people just because you believe they should be higher up on the ladder is ridiculous.

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yes you’re absolutely right! while they’re at higher ranks and throwing you can report them for “gameplay sabotage” but you can’t report them for cheating at lower ranks!

hey! you can still queue dodge

if they’re on your team well they’re gonna win you the game i don’t know why you’d be upset about that and if they’re on the other team there are counter plays against just 1 good player… never lose hope in spawn!

I win many games with T500s on the enemy team. Yes I do my job well and not quit because they have a player or two that is miles better than I am SR wise…

spoken like a true gamer!

Technically, you pay for another copy of the game to win vs inexperienced players and ruin their matches and ranks. So yes its pretty damn pay 2 win.

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I apologize for that then, I had thought you did.
I imagine that after he placed, he was able to climb.
You even said you were able to climb up and eventually get to where you are supposed to be.
(Congrats, btw. I’ve found gold rank to be one of the most maddening ranks.)
If this is a person who is supposedly a high rank, then them being in low ranks for a long time seems… off.