Smurf Protection Could be Killing Matchmaking

This video goes into more detail about it: How “Smurf Protection” Killed Ranked in Overwatch 2 - YouTube

Basically the idea is that the matchmaking system thinks everybody is smurfing, so everybody once in a while is placed in a higher ranked game than their rank.

The way it triggers that you are smurfing is that when you perform for a few matches better than the other players in your lobby, you are placed in a higher ranked lobby. I’m actually not sure if this is what the smurf protection actually does, but this would explain loss and win streaks; you do well and win in a few of matches, then you get placed in a much higher ranked lobby, and then lose all those matches.

Anyways, if this is true then the smurf protection system needs to be reevaluated.


Overwatch has a smurf protection system? I just had 3 games out of 3 ruined tonight by smurfs.

What you’re describing though is if you win multiple games in a row it’ll accelerate your rank up. That happens for everyone.

I’ve never heard of what the person in this video is talking about. Though, I wouldn’t put it passed the associate Activision game designers to implement something without thinking it through.

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You can’t kill something that’s already dead.


I miss when you had to have a cell phone so people couldn’t do this


And something that’s alive isn’t dead XD

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What other protection do you have in mind? What is described in the video I also noticed on my own skin. In my opinion, this allows players to develop in the game when you have the opportunity to play with better players from time to time. The only thing that bothered me personally was that I didn’t know what to expect and when I’m in a higher elo, but now the average rank of the match is supposed to be shown, so you can prepare before the match, focus and observe the behavior of other players.

Previously, the smurf system was that when my skills grew quickly, they put someone strong on the opposing team so that you wouldn’t have an easy task in artificially raising someone’s rank for money, which at the same time put players in elo hell, because they couldn’t get out.
I like the current solution, but I also understand that not everyone is so focused on their development and just wants to play, but I have no idea how to make such protection so as not to demotivate players with too high elo. I think it’s easy to be dissatisfied but much harder to come up with a solution

That is what I see in game. That’s why you’re not allowed to win a couple games with big stats without being stomped into oblivion by the matchmaker itself.

It’s WAY too much.

I’d take a few random smurfs here and there over this. By a mile. Maybe you just have to allow the players to control their own experience a bit. That can be fun. Instead, this game is like playing a robot hell bent on ruining your day. It’s TOO MUCH.

Everyone complains about being too low ranked, but when given a chance to prove themselves, they complain that they’re being smothered. Can you afford more or not?


Blizzard’s idea of getting a chance to prove yourself is playing vs. two ranks higher… with lower ranked teammates.

They rig it way too hard. Should be more gradual, little tests, but instead you win a game or two and they act like you’re a smurf and stomp you out through the matchmaker.


You guys discussing Comp like it’s the holy grail of the Overwatch experience…
If all you want is a faster way to rank up, go to your true rank and better matches, QP is your answer.

There’s this funny thing called QP MMR and Comp MMR diff.
I am on an account that is 7 years old. I am constantly playing with Gold Plat players in Comp, I win I lose and stay Gold. Cringe matches filled with mistakes and oblivious players. I carry most of the matches, but the bad healers and heavy on the W key tanks make it hard…

In QP, on every account I have, I can just play 3 matches and the game puts me in masters/GM.
Leavers are being replaced by better players, so win-win. I “rank up” much faster.
If I get throwers/people who just want to try x hero and lose, so be it, equivalent to Comp throwers. I can just play 2 more matches and I’m back to M/GM.

Why would I play Comp?

What does that tell us about Comp? Player retention by not allowing better players to rank up fast on older account especially. Keep them playing in hopes to get higher ranked…

Stay off comp and QP your way to your true rank folks! :slight_smile:

Yes it had great potential but the Mericans ruined it by not having phones or something.

Land of the free made the game free real estate for smurfs.

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I’m basically a few matches away from never playing this game again. I had 7 matches in a row where our team got absolutely destroyed by smurfs and the had the same crap in QP. This game is absolutely unplayable.

No. It doesn’t have such systems.

It always amazes me when simpletons lower their standards just to make up for a bad feature and then defend the terrible feature. There a reason you have zero like on your absurdly long OW brown nosing comment…

It’s ironic. You call others simpletons, yet you’re the idiot who necro’d a thread from March last year.

slow, slow, slow, slow clap

It definitely has systems in place that attempt to mitigate smurfing, they just don’t call it that, they call it “balanced matchmaking” or some other name that doesn’t sound so bad.

I’ve been on a new account in plat and placed in GM lobbies, nobody can tell me it’s not looking at my performance stats and reacting to it. It’s broken and the devs who came up with it have bad logic.

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It’s ok, won’t be too long until you’re in a string of matches that you can’t possibly lose. The other team will think that you’re the smurf. The algorithms they use to create matches are completely broken.


That’s the issue. It’s get wrecked or you’re a God. You can tell MMR is useless because I can see the rank range and we are mostly the same.


That’s the thing. Devs when were talking about wide matchmaker were talking how that will improve solo queue and how in solo queue people will see better balanced matches instantly, but the thing is that for me matches in rank was always close, it was always 1 division max 2 division apart.

That was never the issue.
The issue is the skill in those ranks are as wide as 1000 SR.

And who could have thought… wide matchmaker did not improve solo queue quality at all.

And i remember times where you could feel difference in 100 SR games. Now you can barely feel difference in 1000 SR games.

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