SMS Protect Post Paid Number

I am receiving an error message stating that my phone number needs to be post paid. I believe I have a post paid number. I use an unlimited family plan from cricket wireless. I dont pay ahead of time but rather I have the monthly bill due at the end of the month. Is that not post paid? Some clarification from a mod would be great.

It has to be an actual line not a prepaid family plan. My sister is having the same issue. She has cricket as well. My number works and it’s a phone line through T-Mobile. At least this is my assumption of this matter.

I don’t think ours is prepaid. I have seen others state that they use cricket and have been able to log in. I actually saw one that said that they couldnt get in with a cricket plan but their wife on the same plan could. You would think that my 2k hours in the game and verified email would like Blizzard know Im not a bot account but I guess that would take an intelligence score higher than 3

The error message could really use updating, because:

  • Some phone numbers don’t work with OW2. Most, but not all, of these are Prepaid - some PostPaid numbers also don’t work.
  • Many phone numbers do work with OW2. Most, but not all, of these are PostPaid - Some prepaid numbers also do work.

I am one of the lucky ones for whom a prepaid number does, in fact, work. So I guess I should buy a lottery ticket. :slight_smile:

Update from staff on SMS requirements:

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