SMQ, W1, D2, P1 - GZC vs. HZS, DAL vs. PKF - NOW LIVE!

Hello, everyone, and welcome to Part 1 (P1) of Day 2 (D2) of Week 1 (W1) of the East Region Summer Stage Qualifiers (SMQ) for the 2023 Overwatch League season. The Summer Stage Qualifiers are in full swing, and today we have not one, but 2 QUADRUPLEHEADERS for your viewing pleasure…one for APAC, one for NA. Which of course doubles our pleasure, doubles our fun, and also doubles the match discussion threads for TODAY and TODAY only.

To kick off today’s quadrupleheader, we have the Guangzhou Charge (GZC) (1-0, +3 in Summer Stage; 5-1, +12 Overall) taking on the Hangzhou Spark (HZS) (0-1, -3 in Summer Stage; 3-3, -2 Overall), in a match that could be an early candidate for “East Region Match of the Week”. After the dust settles on that matchup, we have the defending Overwatch League champions, the Dallas Fuel (DAL) (2-3, -3 overall) facing off against Poker Face (PKF) in a match that may not be as lopsided as it may first appear. And be sure to stay tuned for the second half of today’s quadrupleheader.

The League is back for it’s second half of the season, and summer is in full swing…what more could you ask for? So grab some coffee and hash browns, and make sure you’re sitting comfortably…because the Summer Stage Qualifiers…continues…NOW!

OWL PERKS HEADS UP: For the Summer Stage, the Overwatch League Home (Grey) and Away (White) skins for Widowmaker and D’Va are up for grabs as viewership rewards, in addition to the standard 5 OWL Tokens per hour. Enjoy!

A FINAL NOTE: Y’all know the drill…be sure to keep discussion at a T for Teen rating, and as much as I may be asking a lot, do try to keep the trolling to a minimum…we’ve had very minimal issues thus far this season, and I expect the trend to continue. As always, thank you in advance and ENJOY THE MATCHES!

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I don’t see the connected button on YouTube. Will the hours count?

From my experience, you don’t start earning rewards until the actual matches start. Try refreshing the page now and see if the Connected button appears. If you still don’t see Connected, try the following thread and see if it helps you out at all.

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