Small clariication, please?

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I don’t undrstant the cooldown reduction, what does it mean in this case?
I thought her ability just refreshed on every hit.

So Brigitte hits someone, procs Inspire, and when she hits them again Inspire doesn’t proc again. From the first hit, it’ll be 1.5 seconds (the next two [2.5] hits with melee) before Inspire procs again. On the third hit, Inspire will be activated once more (* - - *). This is what is currently happening on Live

The changes will change it so that after the initial hit, it’ll only be 1 hit before Inspire procs. Basically, the change is changing Brigitte from using Inspire every third hit (* - - * - - * - - ) to every other hit (* - * - * - *).


so theoretically Inspire will be kept up longer if she’s brawling. But now it’s going to be a bad idea to brawl since shields will mess up your bashes and they’re only good for stuns anyway and her damage is crap. Gonna be a lot of backline poke brigittes now.

perfect, thanks! 20chr

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