Skins attached to the account

(I’m sorry if my English is not perfect, also this is my first draft)
Hello, some days ago, I was thinking about to change from my PS4 to a PC, then I linked my battle net account to my PSN account, thinking that if I buy OW on PC, I would have at least all my skins. I started searching for info, and I found that link accounts only serves to get the digital content in some games. I come here to ask, if it would be possible in a future to have the skins attached to account, not the level, only the skins. Because a lot of people had spent a lot of money on skins or playing a lot to get special event skins like block bastion. If you can do this between OW1 and OW2 why not between all the plataforms.


Because OW1 and OW2 are fully merging with an updated engine. That’s why the skills and progress will “cross over.”
However, different platforms cannot cross over their skins. I’m not sure why exactly this is, but im sure it has to do with business standpoints and such. I dont think it’ll be a thing anytime soon.
I’d suggest just trying to grind and get those skins back. Maybe even play roles that give you coins so you can buy em too

Jeff has commented on it before. There are complications due to Sony/Microsoft seeing that as purchasing something on say… Xbox and getting the item on Playstation.

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They should call up Epic Games or Bungie and ask them what their secret sauce is because it’s extremely doable obviously and I’m in the same boat with many event skins and year/season exclusive icons I would love to have on my pc account. I mean any profits come at the time of purchasing the loot boxes not from opening them or acquiring the skins thru gold so why does it matter afterwards. It obviously has to do with timed agreements since Bungie started cross-save as soon as they broke away from Activision. Many games include cross-save nowadays so maybe it’s just Activision-Blizzard?