Six Tails and a Whole Lot of Tools: Behind the Scenes of Shin-Ryeong D.Va

Academy has been the reining champ in my head for some time.

This skin is making it nervous. Great work.

It’s nice, but did no one notice the Echo skin is straight off the album sleeve from Korn’s ‘Issues’ album?

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It’s just a rag-doll, pretty common trope.

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Bottom text

Thank you for all the hard work and passion you put into this skin particularly.

D.Va is my favorite character in Overwatch and Halloween my favorite festivity, so every year i was crossing fingers and watching fan arts for possible skins, my favorite being always the Kumiho concept as i thought it was fitting for her. I only found a couple nice quality fan arts that i really liked but then seeing the final model in game, you can truly see it was made by a professional team and well thought out process.

I simply love it, so kudos to you and all the team for making the perfect Halloween skin for her. Now i don’t need to save and use the Black Cat skin through the festivity.

Can i wish for an equally awesome skin for this years Christmas for her? /fingers-crossed

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Why you say us how it is done? Now it looks not so unusual.

Listen this is the first Halloween skin we don’t need your judgement

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Called a opinion which i can make

My only question is why there’s only six tails.
The concept was even called “gumiho” which literally means “nine tailed fox”.
And since the tails in the skin are kind of clumped together why not make them a little skinnier and actually make it nine?
Apart from that the skin is cool.

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I believe it might took them around the same hour, when you do something in art over and over you get super proficient.

I always wanted to be artist designer myself but never got courage to work as one.

I used all my coins to buy it, so be proud for the skin (I don’t play Dva but I didn’t want to wait a whole year to obtain it)