Since RQ beta, latency has been awful for almost everyone

I kid you not when I say 80% of the userbase, including myself, has been struggling massively with latency spikes. Even friends or content creators with high-end PCs and ISP’s connected to ethernet are experiencing massive latency spikes.

I myself run at a solid 53 ms every game on average, with a stable ethernet connection. But now, my ping spikes have been MASSIVE on particular maps. By massive, I mean 344 ms +

Not just overall in Overwatch itself, but any map that has a certain size? Is massively affected. Examples include Dorado, Eichenwalde, Rialto, and Havana.

The problem, for me, happened when WOW Classic was released. It happened on the same night it released and has been consistent for me and my friend group, along with people speaking in general OW chat, since.

The support team keeps saying we need to include our WinMTR stats every time someone brings it up, then doesn’t respond with any useful information whatsoever to solve the problem - if they do respond, it’s redundant and confusion from the support team.

At this point, I think it’s obvious that if so many users are being affected across multiple ISP’s, it’s not the playerbase. It’s something that happened with Blizzard’s servers.

I am here asking on behalf of the entire playerbase: Please, dev team or support - look into the servers themselves and try to troubleshoot. Please patch this out, because I genuinely don’t believe this is a player-exclusive ISP issue by the sheer number of reports and forums I’ve read on here regarding this.



While I can only share so much information, we actually have real time statistics on things like server performance. If there were a widespread server issue affecting 80% of the userbase, we’d know about it already.

I just addressed a similar claim here, and I’m not going to repeat myself as that would be redundant, but you can give that a look if you’d like a bit more information. Every time we drop a new patch, someone or another will attribute the new patch to the problem, but there’s an old saying about correlation not necessarily implying causation. There are times when a patch change can cause problems, but connection problems are extremely infrequently the problem caused. There WAS an issue a couple weeks ago caused by an optimization we did, but we reached out to affected ISPs and fixed them.

I totally get that connection problems are annoying and latency spikes can severely mess with your ability to aim and react - so if you can create the winMTR we ask for when having these issues, I can try to scope out if you have an issue that just affects you, or an issue which could be related to other players on your ISP. Beyond that, we’re not really here to take suggestions or investigate possible bugs as tech support agents. We’re here to help with issues that can be solved by players like you or addressed to your ISP. If you suspect a bug, I’d post in the bug report forums instead.