Since No one has done it yet

I am not surprised to see the hanzo nerf go straight to live

It’s not something that would cause bugs to the hero (I hope).
It’s not like the Sombra change that introduced a lot of bugs to the hero and really should have been tested…

Wait, so that didn’t go to PTR? I haven’t really played the PTR so I guess I’m out of the loop. I thought they put it on there last week. I guess they didn’t?

I mean, not that it needed much testing. It’s a numbers change, but still I thought they did.

yes but you know some people would of wanted it ot go to ptr, for reasons of their own

It was on PTR first.

I remember checking it a few days ago.

i dont believe it did, i mean, there wasnt any threads on it, so i assumed not
oh, well, then i MUST apologize, for wasting everyone’s time

I don’t know. I can’t find any patch notes that says it did. I thought it did, but I can’t verify it. Maybe I just assumed they did.

I’m not sure why it needed to be there in the first place.

They sure aren’t going to take feedback on it ,and a stat change alone won’t introduce new bugs.

Wait, the update is out!? I’m at school. :sob:

We can only hope… 20chars

i hope it is enough, i mean, i rather the game be fun for everyone than to a few

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It’s true that it’s no big change tho’, but I really hope it doesn’t bug something out. It shouldn’t but who knows…

So, it was bothering me. I found the Goodman post saying they were planning on putting it on the PTR. That’s probably why I thought it was on the PTR. But there are no PTR patch notes with it. So, if it went to PTR it went without patch notes.

Questuin…why are lootboxes not in the xbox store?