Silverpelt's Support Experimental October



  • Base health increased from 150 to 200


  • Healing increased from 90 to 100

Repair Pack

  • Healing decreased from 110 to 60
  • Maximum range decreased from 30 meters to 20 meters
  • Can no longer be used on full-health targets
  • Overheals for up to 50 temporary armor health

Barrier Shield (maybe)

  • Health increased from 250 to 300

Notes: I always thought Repair Pack was the core problem of Brigitte’s current kit. Back when it had armor, it actually benefitted Brig in Dive because she can just pack heroes with no skill required for easy overheal. It’s what made her actually better when overheal was removed due to how easy it made her get Rally. Even in her abysmal state, she can still be played as a main healer due to those packs. So I want to restore her survivability to that of a semi-hybrid tank while nerfing the packs to give way less healing and require more skill to use. As a benefit, she is rewarded with good pack usage by having overheal again.


Biotic Launcher

  • Projectile speed increased from 60 to 70
  • Primary fire recovery decreased from 0.45 seconds to 0.4 seconds

Regenerative Burst

  • Duration for allies decreased from 5 seconds to 3 seconds (Healing per second increased from 15 to 25)

Immortality Field

  • Cast time decreased from 0.8 seconds to 0.65 seconds

Notes: This hero actually sucks so bad lmao buff Baptiste plz thx

Mercy (I am going to get a lot of hate for this)

Caduceus Staff

  • Healing per second increased from 55 to 60
  • Damageboost decreased from +30% to +20%
  • Time to switch to Caduceus Blaster decreased by 50%

Caduceus Blaster

  • Time to switch to Caduceus Staff decreased by 50%


  • Duration decreased from 15 seconds to 8 seconds
  • Healing per second increased from 60 to 90
  • Damageboost increased from +20% to +40%
  • Ressurect cast time decreased from 1.75 seconds to 0.5 seconds
    • Movement speed penalty removed
  • Movement speed increased by 15%
  • Self-healing per second increased from 20 to 25

Notes: I’m adjusting the healing beam and damageboost beam because although damageboost may not have been a problem before, with the addition of recent heroes it is starting to become too much a problem. Valkyrie I felt like didn’t fit in with Overwatch because the ultimate did not feel fast-paced. My new changes will make using Valkyrie more instant and more powerful, but timing Valkyrie will be so much more important.


I like Baptiste’s changes. I don’t how to feel about Brigitte’s to be honest, but she probably won’t be getting any buffs to her survivability any time soon.

For Mercy, I understand wanting Valkyrie to feel more like an ultimate, but Mercy is already doing very well right now with little complaints about her. She really doesn’t need drastic buffs like this.


with how much the healing is decreased by the range decrease seems unneeded

this seems contradictory

yes to everything but this, his dps already feels fine to me

Lets not have a cast time this short on top of giving her full mobility making it harder to interrupt, do one or the other and even if cast time is chosen i would only reduce it to 1 second at most

Im hesitant to call everything you did to valk a buff to it but this is the big one im looking at

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Hey silver,

Took some time on a post eh?

Let’s see…
for brig-
Health to 150 to 200 hell yes.
Inspire healing upped- yes thank you been thinking the same thing.
Repair pack- hard hit on healing but allows overheal… I’d take it and try it. Especially since you can’t accident hit a full health target.
I’d ditch the barrier health going up. No go on that one.

yes to everything on biotic launcher.
Yes to regenerative burst- hooray it feels like a burst maybe.
I’m thinking I’d rather have a different buff to immortality field like base health is 25%.

oh boy not so hot on healing and pocketing. Choose one or the other.
Time to switch to blaster is a nice quality of life buff though.

You’re hitting her ult duration far too hard… like hell even with the amp buffs you’d give her. Biggest change I’m against you’ve suggest thus far. :-1:rather have healing than your suggested damage boost increase in ult.
I don’t agree with movement penalty speed removed with rezzing while valk… need counter play.
I’d gladly please suggest when you call beam doesn’t break!!!

Good post.


Bap gets to many buffs in my Opinion, but i really like the immortallity casting time change. Mercy doesnt need a Nerf and this is a Nerf, she is average and only got played becauce of the Meta

If you increase the speed on biotic launcher then he just becomes discount Ana. I’d say increase the AoE by a small amount in order to make it more consistent at range. His DPS does not need to be improved, playing against dps Baptistes was awful. I’ve been begging for a cast time decease on immo field for ages, yes please.

Those look like mercy nerfs to me. People talk about switching to the gun back and forth faster and honestly it’s just pointless. If you’re pew pewing at people you’re not healing, you’re not damage boosting, you’re not rezzing. I only bring out the gun after everybody else is dead or if there’s a static barrier up. In this circumstances swapping to it faster would help nothing.

I think what Baptiste needs is for Regen Burst to actually be a burst, and for his Exo Boots to actually provide meaningful mobility.

Regen Burst

  • Heals all allies in range for 25 HP instantly on cast, then heals Baptiste for 100 HP over 3 seconds, and other allies for 50 HP over 3 seconds.
  • Cooldown reduced to 12 seconds.

This makes the ability more responsive, giving Baptiste a way to quickly get teammates out of the red once they hit the threshold for his Immortality Field.

Exo Boots

  • Now applies current push force straight up only if you aren’t inputting a movement command while jumping.
  • If you are inputting a movement command when you jump, the angle of the push force is tilted 30 degrees in the direction of movement.
  • If you are crouching and inputting a movement command when you jump, the push force is halved, but it’s purely horizontal.

This makes Exo Boots much more flexible, letting Baptiste actually cover horizontal distance with his Exo Boots rather than going straight up every time. He still gets maximum height going straight up, but he has the option of moving forward a bit, or doing a short hop along the ground.

As for Brig, I don’t think she needs overheal back. I think her problem is that she’s too slow to use her shield to cross sightlines, and her Repair Pack is poor at bailing teammates out of danger.

Barrier Shield

  • Health increased to 300.
  • Movement penalty reduced to 15%

Repair Pack

  • Heals the target for 25 HP on contact, the for 75 HP over 1.5 seconds
  • Projectile speed increased to 60m (was 45m)

Similar to the Regen Burst changes I suggested, making Repair Pack more responsive rewards Brig for good timing and actively protecting teammates.

Brigitte changes yay, but make shield be 200hp if you up her own hp to 250.

Baptiste yay for everything else, but no to the damage buff.

Mercy don’t make damage boost worse it’s the most fun part of her. Also yay for faster staff to gun changing. Others meh ditch em

Good except for 1 thing

its not october

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Supports don’t need changes.

This game is getting nerfed across the board, we can’t just buff healing after nerfing damage.

This is plain out powercreep and healingcreep.

Only going to comment on Mercy because Brig I’m kind of “eh” on right now and Bap just needs more love regardless.

Anytime I someone nerfs Mercy’s damage boost, I always got to ask will Zen’s discord be next then? Zenyatta’s play rate dropped hard when they nerfed discord by just 5%, a 10% reduction in blue beam makes it so bad. I do like the idea of a shorter but more impactful Valkyrie though, but I think the healing is a bit much (60 isn’t exactly super great, 90 seems like a bit much). Rez on shorter cooldown is nice, but 0.5 seconds seems a bit too short for people to be alright with that (even just 1 or 1.25 seconds would be amazing). More self-healing feels a bit unnecessary tbh, but the movement speed would be nice. Also like the increase to damage boost (but not enough to be alright with +20% damage boost).

Regardless, I find the thinking behind the changes interesting and its always an enjoyable read to see people’s ideas. :smiley:

why not just reduce its charges…?

mercy is fine she doesnt need anything…

the problem was ashe

Don’t even think about it. I will end you

Same here.


MMM… no

I like this


Interested to see this tested

I’d rather they just replace this ability tbh it sucks

… I dont think immortality need changes but i think this would be fine.

You dont need to nerf damage boost to do these changes

Good QOL change though

I like this, if chain beams are removed or weakened. Imagine chilling then 5 people with 40% Damage boost jumps your team.

Also why is her ultimate 8 seconds, god thats alot of time chopped off, maybe 10 instead.

Let’s please not mess with the speed penalty on Rez because then you would no longer be able to SuperResurrect//Superjump Rez.
The speed penalty is what stops your momentum after you jump in the air. So with nothing to stop it, you would jump out of every SuperRez :woman_shrugging:

Like others have said, I like the Bap changes. The others im not sure.

Why are people so intent on decreasing Mercy’s damage boost? The addition of Ashe did not suddenly make it a problem considering she’s been in the game for about 2 years now!

If it wasn’t a problem because of Ashe before, why is it now? If something about that combo became overpowered, it would very obviously be Ashe!

Since when does brig have 150 hp???

Unnecessary if anything it should go back down to 50 as it was largely unneeded. That buff could go elsewhere.

Lets not nerf the one thing that makes Mercy relevant and has been the same for the majority of the game.

Zenyatta’s discord would be next to get nerfed since its objectively a better version that boosts everyone and still allows Zenyatta to heal and deal damage himself.

Sure i guess, though I don’t see the need.

I would be ok with this, as long as the chain beams are removed. I think it removes the few skillfull elements Mercy has and artificially inflates her healing.

Making it 90hps would just bloat that number even more. 50hps normally, and maybe 70hps in Valkyrie single target beam.

I think its fine at 30% baseline. In and out of Valkyrie.

I think this can just be added to resurrect normally. Its a 30 second cooldown with no way to lower that cooldown without switching. They never tried removing double rez or the interaction with charges and cooldown reduction resurrect had with valkyrie before adding the cast time.

I think a 30 second cooldown that is as situational as resurrect is enough of a drawback. It was originally meant to be the big drawback but it wasnt because of how Valkyrie interacted with resurrect.

I think at a lower cast time baseline it would actually be used more often or atleast not require Mercy to (ironically enough) hide or reserve it for use in the times where it doesnt actually impact a fight (after one is already over), as using one midfight without hiding is practically a deathwish.

Its nice.

I don’t think its necessary. She already has uninterruptible regeneration among the so many other buffs they gave to valkyrie on top of its extremely long duration to compensate for it not really giving mercy much she couldnt otherwise handle besides aoe healing which i think she should not have since it goes against her intended design.

I’m only talking about during valkyrie which you don’t need superjump for…

Base Health

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