Silver 5 deranked to Bronze 5 then promoted to bronze 1

-Grinded rank to silver 5 (current season)
-Completed the 7 wins required to rank up.
-instead of ranking up to the next silver tier
-Was demoted to bronze 5
-then Promoted to bronze 1


This just happened to me too, I was Gold 5, completed my 7th win, and leveled up to Silver 1. I should of went to Gold 4.

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Same here, silver five > won 7 games > bronze 1???

Same thing happened to me.

Silver 5 down to bronze 5 now back up to bronze 1

Same thing with endorsements. It’s frozen at rank 3. Keeps going up and down. Like I mean I’ll be in a match and it will notify me rank drop then before match ends it will go back up.

With the amount of endorsements I receive i should be a rank 4 atm.

same here, just happened to me a minute ago
won my 7 games, originally in plat 3
then my rank up screen showed me ranking up from gold 3 to gold 1??