Silencing The Community

I have a friend whom was suspended for giving the developers props for the healer balance as he was spam reported for trolling, now his forum account is r.i.p

It works both ways.


The system is defiantly abusable.
4 times up till now for myself.

I watched the clips and all the comments about Mercy existed well before the OWL existed. Hell wasn’t it back then worse than it is now.

Mercy as a playing character was never liked, they either never liked her simplicity or that Mass Rezz even existed in the game.

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I saw the post, you’ll just have to take my word for it when I say it wasn’t offensive at all, and certainly not trolling, at most I would stretch to mild condescension. I can’t repeat it though, 'cause you know…


I’m not sure that I agree with that. I most certainly am not polite when you kids exasperate me, which is often, but I’m not getting suspended. And to the point of the thread I think it is clear that the user in question has been able to express their views with great depth and frequency. But if all somebody does is look to fight with people, if every post is about your personal gripes, eventually the powers that be are going to do something as you’re really not bringing anything but negativity to the place, regardless of stated intention.

Titanium was spamming.

They said it themselves right in the beginning of the post, 5 threads have already been made with that same content and just different titles. It’s fine to want to discuss a hero, but posting the same thing over and over is obnoxious. In other thread I said every other post was a mercy post and it takes two seconds to see plenty of other people have already made posts about her so why not join those conversations instead of creating yet another. I was immediately told by a mercy main that I must be against free speech eye roll

People creating other posts about other hero’s are getting lost in the sea of mercy posts, and its unfair. Titanium was not banned for playing mercy, they were banned for spam.

If I want to talk about let’s say D.Vas missiles and see someone just posted about it 10 minutes ago, I’ll go there instead of making another post and bogging up the forums. I’m not against mercy players, and its fine to advocate a change. But don’t make a post about her openly saying you have already made the same post 5 times and expect not to get flagged for spam.


It was 5 threads over the course of several months, also the OP was not deleted which shows it’s not considered spamming. In fact, this post contains completely new ideas for Mercy’s kit as a whole. Also I’ve seen other posters make 5 Mercy-threads in a week without getting suspended (and yes, some of them were not even Mercy-mains).

The post in question was a response to someone in the thread.


Titanium was suspended? That is just ridiculous.


Just because a part of the community is vocal doesn’t mean they are right or entilted to anything. Blizzard will communicate eventually if they have something in store for Mercy.
Stop creating 20 topics a day about her and maybe people will stop flagging.

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Getting your account deleted for a first time offense would be extreme. A suspension is reasonable. And if they had new ideas why not add them to the tons of mercy posts created every day? Or add to their old thread.

It was reported and locked. It will get unlocked when mods get to it. Suspension happens automatically. Happened to me a few times.

But sure, it’s all evil blizz fault…

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We all know why - singular posts get lost. Titanium also makes a very long explanation of why they think this idea works, and posting that in a random post in some other thread would have been a bother as people would have to scroll a lot to get past it.

There’s nothing wrong creating multiple threads on a character as long as they bring something fresh to the table - this one most certainly did.


It’s not even locked though, unless they did so this past 30 minutes. It was one post within the thread.


What’s the panic then?

This is so overdramatic. Mercy players have a voice, just take a glance over many of the top posts, the majority every day are mercy posts. Nobody is silencing mercy players specifically. The spam isn’t helping anything. You have to admit that OP is being over dramatic here. Just like the mercy main who said I was against free speech.

It’s a matter of principle I would say - you shouldn’t be silenced and then when asked why just told to read the CoC. You should be told what you did wrong. I saw the post before it was removed, and had Titanium cursed or behaved badly I would not defend them… but the way the bar has been placed I feel even I could get suspended for just saying something people disagree with.

My only guess is that posts that repeatedly mention Mercy and her state over and over again get flagged as spam by the community.

The thing is, seeing the same kind of threads again and again is sort of ‘spammy’, if you know what I mean.

So all in all, if specific accounts mention the same things again and again, I am assuming, other forum users are sort of ‘sick and tired’ of seeing them and just flag.

Like for example, if we had specific people creating a thread about D.Va’s hairstyle over and over again, at some point, it is identified as spam.

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But suspension is automated (unless my memory plays some bad tricks on me). You catch it when your post gets flagged enough, and later mod reviews it. If he finds the suspension unjust, it will be lifted. It wasn’t issued by them.

simple solution. stop spamming the forums with the same topics everyday…

or blizz can spend 500$ and buy the ignore user function for this forums… so ppl can ignore users on this forums.

You have to really go out of your way to get silenced based on your behavior and language alone. As in a mod stepping in and banning you.

The system is automated, so the determining factor is generally the number of flags.

The ‘powers that be’ is us and we’re very biased as to what constitutes ‘not bringing anything but negativity’.