Sigma's Kinetic Grasp feels kinda weak

I feel his Kinetic Grasp is quite weak and doesn’t have many use cases. Just never use it enough because I am always behind my shield and never have to lol.

I think either putting it on a resource meter, or making it a 1:0.5 ratio of damage to shields instead of 1:0.3 would be nice.

EDIT: just saw changes to it lol.

They already buffed it, homie.


It was buffed to 1:0.4 I believe

You have to keep in mind that it’s a LOT of potential Shields, he hasn’t gone love yet so let’s see what else they do first

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Looks decent gotta try it out.

He has a cap, though. IIRC Sigma can’t gain more than 400 temporary shields from the ability. Reaching that cap would take absorbing 800 damage with 50% of damage returned as shields, or in other words enough damage to kill a fortified Orisa. No hero in the game can deal that much damage in the time it takes to recognize that Sigma is using the ability and stop firing. 50% return seems pretty fair to me for an ability that has a significantly longer cooldown, a shorter duration, can be flanked, and does not provide immunity to crowd control. I think they could buff it a little more and still be okay.

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A super charged bastion shooting through a damage amp matrix can probably do that.

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If we take 250ms as the average human response time, a damage amp matrix Bastion would be able to stop firing after dealing just 225 damage. That’s 281 if we add in a supercharger from Orisa, or 338 if we add a nanoboost on top of that. But wait, there’s more! A Bastion with amp matrix, supercharger, nanoboost AND Mercy’s blue beam would deal 371 damage in 250ms.

That should give some idea of how difficult it is to ever reach Sigma’s shield cap.

The last time they put a defensive ability in resource meter they made the said hero meta until today.

D.Va since season 1.

Never again.

well, Sigma can’t regenerate shield until he unsummon it, so use grasp then.

He should be able to cancel it early.

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Don’t forget, he has a barrier, too.

I have already reached it a few times. In practice most people just don’t care and keep on shooting.

False. DM put on resource didn’t make D.Va meta. Her S3 buffs to health and movement speed while firing did.