Sigma ult is just broken

Sigma ult (gravity flux) is broken simply because there is not a lot you can do against it , and the main problem of gravity flux is that there few counter play to any kind of ultimate follow up that are just broken . the most notable fravity flux follow up are dva bomb and high noon .

  1. first of all shields are useless against gravity flux , as not only gravity flux effect pass through shields it also lift everyone to the air without being able to change position where they can be shielded in a case for a high noon or dva bomb follow up . in the case that orisa is the main tank she is basically useless as her shield is always on the ground in the case of Reinhardt he still can’t do anything about it as he and his team mates are forced to be in a fixed position without being able to be shielded and all rein can do is to turn his shield around to whichever direction he choose however this can’t cover his team mates .

  2. Second let’s talk about abilities and ults that can potentially counter sigma’s ult , baptiste Immortality Field is useless against gravity flux because Immortality Field area of effect is limited by height and only useable on the ground , so if baptiste throw immortality filed , that filed wont effect his team mates that are high in the ground . symmetra ultimate (photon barrier) can’t do a lot against gravity flux as it have the same limits shields have against gravity flux even when you consider that her shield is not limited by height (unlike orisa shield ) . first not being able block gravity flux effect , second team mates can’t be fully shielded as they are forced to be in a fixed positon , so even if symmetra press q and manage to save a few team mates its still wont be worth the ult resources even if one team mate wont be shielded.

And after me and my friend tested all of gravity flux interaction I found out that only lucio can kind of counter gravity flux however this is a very buggy situation as lucio ult (sound barrier) is being activated only when lucio hits the ground , so when a lucio player actually press q lucio double jump into the air and the effect of sound barrier only takes place when lucio lands on the ground , so now when you imply that sound barrier mechanic into gravity flux its gets tricky . when potentially lucio press q when sigma lunch him above the ground lucio will break the beat when he reach the peak of his height trajectory , when lucio press q when he float in the air he will break the beat on a hidden floor however if lucio press q just a millisecond before he is being tossed back to the ground he will break the beat on the ground , the whole problem is that in some occurrences lucio will break the beat much later then by the time he press q , I found out that the time in which the difference from pressing q and dropping the beat reach its maximum is when lucio is being tossed into the air and he press q just a millisecond before he floats and reach that ‘‘hidden floor’’ and then will double jump into the air and before he will reach his peak he will be tossed to the ground and will break the beat when he is in the middle to his way to ground , by that time an enemy macree will finish his high noon and basically kill lucio before he breaks the beat .

And consider the fact that lucio is the only counter play to such a broken ult is problematic as 2-2-2 role que is coming up so lucio is going to be a must pick as even if a player pick other healer he will have to switch into lucio in case of sigma and hope that he will get ult charge faster , so if for example a player start a round with zenyatta and the enemy tank switch to sigma that’s means that zenyatta have to change even if zen have transcendence , and giving up on transcendence is very problematic cause just after that the enemy genji will have an easy way to use his dragon blade .

  1. Jeff Kaplan said in his sigma developer update that the counter play to gravity flux is just to get out of the radius area of effect in comparison to doomfist ult (Meteor Strike) . however gravity flux is a very different ult from meteor strike first of all , the area effect of meteor strike is by far smaller and second which is the most distinct difference is that meteor strike area of effect is exponential which means that only at a very small area at the center doomfist does full 200 dmg and the farther away from the center the damage gets smaller up to a point of applying only 20 dmg from 8 meters from the center in comparison to gravity flux as long as the enemy is inside the area of effect gravity flux will effect the enemy no matter how far or close he is from the center . so the conclusion to this is that just trying to move away wont work on gravity flux as just walking away from the ult circle isn’t effective because no matter what distance the enemy made he will still be tossed to the ground as long as he is in the circle in comparison to meteor strike just walking to edge of the circle will reduce the dmg up to a tiny amount of just 20 dmg .

So in my opinion gravity flux should get changed drastically or just a full rework of sigma ult because his ult is just too broken without almost any counter play .
reworking gravity flux can be a good option as well and there are countless cool ideas to replace gravity flux that people can come up with . I was thinking about a whirlwind for example . whirlwind can fit the lure cause black holes in space spin with gravity energy that create a whirlwind like shape .

About sigma abilities beside his ult , he seems balanced but I do not know which role he will faction as , I am not sure if he is a main tank as he is not that tanky with only 1500 shield or if he is an off tank as his balls does a certain amount of dmg and his kinetic grasp ability is meant to protect him in a close quarters combat very similar to zarya self bubble , right now sigma seems to be just in the middle of the spectrum of tanks , this kind of tank can fit well in the overwatch we play up to this point but on role lock 2-2-2 I am not sure how he can fit .


Fortify, Wraith form, fade, ice block = Ways to escape it.


It also requires line of sight from the center of the visible circle to affect anyone, similar to Meteor Strike, so most of the same ways you avoid Meteor Strike (e.g. walking around a corner, putting up a Mei wall, using a movement ability to get away) will work on reaction.

Technically you can also counter it with CC on Sigma (or killing him, of course) before he finishes the initial cast, but that’s probably harder to do, since most CCs are short-ranged. Sombra probably has the best chance at it if she can get a hack in.


No it’s not broken.

1st off it’s one of the most expensive ultimates in the game. It’s going to be better than a lot of things also there is plenty of counterplay.

  • hero’s with mobility can straight up dodge out of it if they act quick. I see it happen plenty. So tracer, sombra, Ashe, doom, genji, hanzo, have that option
  • Mei iceblock
  • Orisa fortify
  • Moira and and reaper fade and wraith
  • well timed Winston bubbles can dodge the ults or could have used his mobity to dodge
  • rein has shield to blocks ults he just has to worry about the drop.
  • zarya can bubble
  • pharah doesn’t touch the ground
  • Brigitte has a personal shield to take a hit
  • Lúcio sound barrier
  • zen ult
  • roadhog with a well timed breather

Most of the roster has ways to interact to completely ignore or minimize its value.

Which leads into point 2. A team should be able to operate to minimize casualties of the two ultimates investments. 2 ultimates synched together tend to be devastating. Gravdragon, nanoblade, telebomb, gravmine, shatterbomb. You build a comp around it and you adjust like we always have. If you know he’s about to ult, space out and have your abilities ready and position accordingly. And choose heroes that minimize his value so all they can get is 0-2 kills out of a 2 ult investment.


Zarya bubble, Take a Breather, Lucio Ult


Thanks i forgot about those lol.

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this just in!!! an ult…is powerful


Most heroes either have the mobility to escape it, or the sustain to tank it. And if they have neither, there’s still plain old damage and cc one can throw at him.


Lucio can actually beat during it and he just beats right to the ground. Orisa can press a CD and drop out of it, ice block, etc

There’s actually a lot of ways you can just completely deny value. The Orisa one is especially annoying since Sigma should be good against her.


Bubble doesn’t allow escape, you’re still stuck in the air (the only good use is not get killed and time perfectly two bubbles on yourself and a teammate when ult ends to not get damage and a good damage boost), if hog is low health and most of other teammates will be killed when ultimate ends is better to just die than give enemy dps about 20% ult charge, as hog is excellent at ult charging without a shield.

Can’t immortality field save you during the slam though?


That’s another one, though it’s not amazing since I believe it’s pretty narrow compared to sigma’s ult.

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A lot of wasted words for a DF level of telegraphed ult where he can be stunned or kill during the first half

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Sigma is being a pal and giving Lucio some height for an extra satisfying break it down. That’s nice of him!


Heroes with invulnerable escape and immune to CC abilites: Oh nanananana do you think about us ? Oh nananana do you think about us ?
Snipers: Booooooo, Sigma should quit, booooo, this melody is pure trash, its child abuse for us to hear it.

His ultimate seems very powerful, since if Lucio is struck and in the air he can’t use his ultimate for obvious reasons.

Dont mean to be that guy, but its called “Gravitic Flux”

Things that help counter it:
1: Shields- sure it won’t stop his ult dmg but it will stop other dmg and allow supports to heal you up faster.
2: Support Ults- Every support ult will help stop it except baptist. It does 50 dmg then 50% of max hp and if u shield and heal in the air the 50 dmg will go away and you can ult or just heal depending on how many got in to try and heal the 50% max hp damage.
3: Immortality field- You take the big dmg when u slam into the ground so immortality field will apply.
4: Shields again- If it is combined with say high noon or dva bomb tanks are not stunned and can block things in it.
It has plenty of counters including walking, any movement ability, and los before it even happens also a select few can escape it and help once the rest of the team gets slammed down with near full hp.

Just an idea here, haven’t tested it yet.
Wouldn’t brigitte’s rally really catch up with the damage it does?
Theoratically it would be the safest defensive ult in that case.

Only problem with his ult is that stunning him doesn’t cancel it. Should be able to interrupt it before he does the slam, but give him a buff somewhere else to compensate.