Sigma already got Nerfed?


They wanted to drop his damage rate, but still keep the ability combo to kill the same people.


i have to agree, his primary does some major damage.

But i have got a lot of kills with the Rock throw. The buff seems odd to me.


He is basically Reinhart with better range/CC and with a 1500hp shield plus defense matrix that blocks even roadhog hook.

If you think he is balanced then you may find Sombra hack a fair ability.


The nerfs don’t really do anything. I say change it back, 120 damage was nostalgic.


What exactly did they do?


I really like the toggle for his Shield. Will be better for Console/Controller Users.


I agree with both of those statements


Nah hack is still more annoying.


Thanks… I did think, at least inside any walls, that his Spheres were a little much, but I thought the boulder was fine, hopefully it isn’t too much worse with the 10 extra. Looks like they took the ten from the two orb throw I guess, lol.


To clarify exactly what the changes do, since they still use the awkward “explosion damage” way of describing it:

Primary fire

  • Direct hit damage reduced from 60 to 55 (per hit, x2 projectiles)
  • Splash damage reduced by ~14%


  • Direct hit damage increased from 80 to 90
  • Splash damage increased by 20%

Basically, his insta-kill combo remains the same (200 damage), but corner spam will be slightly less effective.


His DPS was already kinda terrible, why did they need to make it worse?


I think for the most part, Sigma was released in a balanced state. Still, the devs are in the habit of over nerfing the tanks so I won’t bother maining him until I think he’s in a stable state.

That said, I felt his damage and ult were a little bit overturned, and his accreation was a bit undertuned.

These are literally the best balance changes blizzard has made in the past three years.


Yeah. His dps got lowered from 80 to 73.


It should have been there long ago. On PS4, I recall the barrier with the reload button. If the Toggle is like Orisa’s Halt then it will be even better.

But Sigma did needed a nerf in his cast time. It was hard to stop it and he was forcing C9s sometimes.


Hack is fair. Staying permanently invisible however


how so? im assuming the toggle works the same as a baps ult


I had the opposite impression. It felt quite strong to me.


Sigma was pretty much deleting 200hp targets and never actually missing lol it was like swatting flies in most cases.

he is now balanced and they should leave him alone.


He can still kill 200hp targets in the exact same manner as before…


The explosion was the issue. it can even be nerfed a little bit more tbh but he’s fine.