Sigh... Brig is more useless now

I’m a Mercy, Moira, Brig main right now. I mained Ana too back in the earlier season.

Okay, I have reached Diamond with Ana, Mercy and Brig.

This nerf truly sucks. Dive will just come back. I’ve been playing since Season 1. I’ve experienced dive meta. Before Brig, supports like Mercy, Zen and later on Ana, could not do much against dive heroes. The supports were just free kills. I mean come on, an entire enemy of 6, focusing everything on you, a low HP, Mercy? Or a no mobility Ana?

Moira changed it a little bit. For once, supports could have a hero to go to, to have a better chance at escaping and living from a dive, using her Fade.

Brig changed everything. For once, supports could do something against these oppressive heroes. Heck, Blizzard never intended Brig to be a playable character, she was only intended to be part of lore. She was introduced to actually stop this oppressive dive meta. All these support players who felt so helpless, including me, had a hero to pick, to actually have a chance at living in a teamfight, to counter dive.

For once, supports could feel more useful, to actually be IN the fight, instead of running away, keeping a very safe distance from the team, so you don’t become a primary target for dive and get picked.

It’s funny, so much people cry about hide and rez now. Mercy never ‘hides,’ she just took a safe distance away from all the mouth slobbering, dive heroes who wanted to get a piece for her, the very second the dive heroes set their eyes on Mercy. But did Mercy really had a choice back then, than to keep a safe distance? She was the primary target for all these oppressive dive heroes? If Genji/Tracer could even find you for a splitsecond, you get targeted first and 80% of the time, it’s bye bye for Mercy. Unless the Mercy/Ana/Zen finds a very safe distance away from the team so they can have a chance to run away from the range of Dive heroes. Which I did, letting me climb to Diamond with Mercy and Ana.

If Brig, can’t even combo Tracer or daze a Winston jumping on your supports, I’m afraid we will once go back to the dark days of the stale Dive meta, where healers can’t do much except for die first. Whoever kills the healers first, is the team who wins.

Ugh, when I thought Overwatch players finally had an answer to oppressive DPS/Tanks. It gets taken away. Support players want to be more than just a free kill you know. We actually want to be able to have a chance at the thing that is trying to kill us.

I understand that Brig can hard counter some (not all) dive heroes, mainly Tracer and Brig’s CC is frustrating. But it has to be that way, otherwise supports will have no room to breathe just like before and the only way to play, will be dive.

I see it this way, you and Blizzard want dive to not be as oppressive right? There was 2 choices, introduce buffs/a new hero that will counter it or nerf dive heroes, themselves.

I think the majority of DPS/tank players would appreciate it more if their heroes weren’t nerfed so dive cant be oppressive. So, introducing Brig was a better choice, in my opinion.

Honestly, when Mercy got changed with Valkyrie, she was no longer fun for me anymore. I stopped playing Overwatch for a long while. Compared to all my hours, I barely played Mercy when she was a Valkyrie ‘moth meta.’ I came back to her at period where she was nerfed a lot and was no longer meta.

I think with this Brig nerf, a lot of people, including me will just find the game less enjoyable, especially support players and will play the game a lot less. Have fun having less support players I guess.

It’s changes like these that just make me wonder, is Blizzard trying to force a DPSwatch? I mean, we all know, no one wants to play support. In comp, it’s always, “can we get a healer?” Just look at how much DPS there are compared to supports? Supports don’t have much choices to pick from.

I mean, look at the Top 500s. If healers are so crucial to the team, that everyone complains where there aren’t any healers, why are there almost no support players in Top 500?

A lot of people, including me, picked up Overwatch because it wasn’t just your traditional FPS, run, gun, kill, respawn and repeat game. I think with changes like these, more of these people, will play the game a lot less and even leave the game.

It’s a DPSwatch and it seems Blizzard wants to keep turning Overwatch that way.


??? There’s 6 supports. Just because someone plays support doesn’t mean they like or play Brig. Plus, they’re actually increasing her strength as a support in stead of a DPS. How can you even say they’re turning this into DPSWatch when they’re increasing healing and turning back DPS.

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Healers usually get the short end of the stick in games. Both from other players and from the devs, as they tend to serve a fairly small niche, even when they’re necessary they don’t get the same respect. We probably won’t get another healer for the next 6 heroes added, if they even continue to add heroes up to that point.

Personally, I enjoy playing healers, but basically the only ones I have fun playing are Ana, Brigette, and rarely Moira. Now I have 2 to pick from, which leads to some pretty stale feeling games and a lack of options. If I wanted to play tank I’d see a similar lack of options, most tanks aren’t viable as a “main tank.” If I felt like DPS… well there’s tons, so there is ones I’d enjoy and I would have no issue selecting one fit for basically any situation.

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actually, it’s tankswatch

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You have reached Diamond with Mercy, Moira, and Brig, Ana doesn’t belong on that list. Of course your opinion on the nerf of the most overpowered and easiest hero in the game is negative.
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Dive won’t come back.
The nerf makes her worse against bad tracers.
Good tracers had a problem with repair pack, rally inspire.
This will only be a buff to bad tracers, which is fair since she has a super low winrate, brig will still hard counter good tracers, just not bad ones, so dive won’t come back IMO, it will be picked slightly more, but won’t come back (also dive counters have been buffed)

Actually thinking Brig is more overpowered than Ana.

Love it when people have their profile set to hidden and still out themselves as Bronze.

You can find at that I did in fact reach Diamond with Ana. I just didn’t use Ana in this current season.
imgur .com/RIs0A59

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Without a win %, I see 3 hours of Mercy and then 8 hours of a slow 200 SR drop as Ana.

imgur .com/5XAmukl
Season 3 winrate

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And this is a good thing. Brig is a healer not a dps character.

These sound like conflicting statements to me, personally.

okay, no she’s not useless, She’s just not op.
She was made to be a tank and a rejuvenator, Not a tank a rejuvenator and a dps.

They abstracted her dps aspect and scarcely raised her Support.
its fine, Now in lieu of being op, she’s fine.

I assure nothing about how she counters dive has changed. she still has the burst heal and over heal from repair pack, passive healing, and armor that countered dive.

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Right people act like just because she wont eradicate someone by bashing their soul out of their body that she wont be subsidiary at all anymore lol.
it is a very infantile thought

But she can’t heal as well as the other off-healers, nor tank as well as the other off-tanks.

It was indeed really weird she was a mix of DPS/Tank/Support but having one taken away without compensation (Less than 1HPS is a joke) is a way to just make her a throw pick.

I honestly think she needs a rework. If they decently buff their healing to make her useful, wouldn’t that make GOATS viable again?
So they can either make her more of a protector, or uh, I don’t know. Not many options I can think of.

She will have a new purpose though. Hold players SR and games hostage when they complain you to switch to another healer.

GOATs comp is the meta rn. It is viable at least in upper tiers. The only way brig basically does nothing is of you played her as a dps, if your team is scattered away from you, or if you and your team are not pushing and fighting close range. This nerf makes her more of a situational team comp pick than a must pick