Sick and tired of this automated report system


Its not throwing whether you like to admit it or not.
Already been confirm by devs that not switching/playing certain heroes is not against the rules. The automatic system however doesn’t care neither does the support staff.
Some heroes are hated way more than others, Sym being the most hated.

If certain heroes are only allowed in very niche situations, it’s bad design and they should be disabled in comp.


So what do you propose to replace the automation? They definitely won’t hire a team to deal with reports so…


I have no idea but this whole false-reporting-automated-ban system is depressing.

The responses you get from tickets provide nothing as to what you did wrong so you can’t even fix the problem of what you were banned for, which leads to seeing customer support in a negative light of not caring about their customers or even actual ATVI investors who pour time and effor into the game.


Yea I’ve never been banned before either. However if someone says they will ban me and it’s not for a valid reason I’d usually just reported them for abusing the reporting system. Nothing happened against the person but then again nothing happened against me either.
However only times I’ve received notifications of bannings that I reported people on were related to abusive chat. People may want to make sure they don’t say anything that can be considered abusive even as a joke.


They couldn’t manually check every report. They get way to many reports for this to be conceivable.


Don’t get me wrong, I agree.
Actually edited would rather not give them a reason, think you read it so…

I agree it needs removed but can’t see a solution.


Then what is the issue as to providing us, the players, with feedback on what we did wrong in a response on a ticket instead of a copy-paste-dropdown selection?


Basically if you did nothing wrong, blizzard just hides your post and suspends your forum account so you can’t bring it up again.

If you did do something wrong then a dev will respond and publicly shame you for a PR stunt and everyone on reddit will celebrate in a “DADDY JEFF ROASTED ANOTHER TROLL” thread.

Censorship is the best way to keep a community alive. /s


I was banned on my alt account as well for false reports. I play Symmetra in the Diamond rank with a 60% winrate (15 hours on her this season). I was even on my career high a few games before I was suspended. I don’t understand why this happens and nothing is being done :frowning:

Here is an example of what I have to deal with as a Symmetra player:

The text at the bottom of this screenshot was actually a scrolling text I had on my VODs basically saying that I was not throwing, being afk, etc. That I was only playing my favorite hero. And that I was recording this as evidence (not that it did anything to help me, they denied my appeal twice)

The full text read:

NOTICE: I am NOT: throwing, intentionally feeding, disrupting my teammates, spamming, being inactive, griefing or anything that can get me suspended. I am simply playing my favorite hero Symmetra and trying my very best to win. I am recording this as proof of no wrong doing because a lot of people online are being banned simply because people are reporting them for playing Symmetra which is NOT AGAINST THE RULES. I hope I wont ever have to defend myself against a suspension for just playing my favorite hero, but from now on I am going to record all my competitive matches, just in case this happens to me.

The suspension is now over, but this will forever be on my “record”. Even though I did nothing to deserve it.


And what do you think happened to that guy telling everyone to submit that false report? Pretty sure he is violating Gameplay Sabotage.

I can tell you what happened to that guy. Not a damn thing.

It’s sad. Really sad. This automated reporting system that not only gets people falsely banned but the customer support who just does not care.


It is throwing. Throwing does not have to be intentional, it’s still throwing.


If you are getting MASS reported, that means you pissed off dozens if not hundreds of people.

You probably got what you deserved.


Have you even read the ingame rules?

It specifically states that such behaviour is NOT banable.

But the entire ban/suspension system is automated based on number of reports anyway, so the rules and guidelines are irrelevant. People make up their own rules and mass report for auto bans.

Oh and ban appeals are auto-rejected as well, so there’s no point in having an appeal system either.

What a joke.


As Xuvial pointed out

Your personal feelings on this issue don’t trump actual rules.
The automated system doesn’t care what you are reported for though so it doesn’t matter.


People aren’t reporting you because you’re playing an off-meta hero. They’re reporting you because you aren’t contributing to the team, which is throwing - intentional or not. You’ll notice that people aren’t reporting your off-meta pick if you are contributing to the team. Most Symmetra and Torbjorn players in matchmaking get reported because they don’t do anything that assists the team. Like I said, I have a Doomfist account that’s been playing nothing but Doomfist for 2 seasons straight, haven’t been banned or silenced once. He isn’t meta.

Are you telling me that a Torbjorn player on KOTH placing his turret out in the open without a shield and dying for an entire game should not be banned? The same happens to any DPS player that people constantly blame for losing. Oh, hey, you didn’t get any eliminations - reported for throwing. Same applies here.


I only really get notices of bans when people I’ve reported said something they shouldn’t have and I reported them. Otherwise nada, make sure you don’t give them any ammo by what you say.


Did you not even read it?

Completely shuts down your entire statement…
A torb player not doing well falls under playing poorly etc

As long as a person is actively trying and going for objectives etc, they are doing nothing wrong (CONFIRMED by Papa Jeff) regardless of hero and regardless of how well they are doing.
The problem is trying to tell the difference between someone who is just bad and someone who is not trying/throwing.

If certain heroes cause so much issues within the community then they should be disabled from comp till they are fully re-worked. Its STUPID design to have niche heroes if people are KNOWINGLY going to abuse a system in place to deal with toxic behaviour to get try to force a particular way of playing.


Throwing is intentional.

Poor performance is not reportable. If that Torb player only sets up his turrents in exposed areas, the ranking system will sort it out and eventually put him with players who can’t deal with unprotected turrents.


They probably have a whitelist system for [edit: Overwatch accounts] older than a certain amount.

I’d suggest text-only data compilation that indicates actions and positions on a timeline. Then running it through a simulator. That way you can create an accurate simulation that can be looked at whenever asked via support ticket.


Doubt it, but never know.