Show your allegiance to Null Sector with all-new Ramattra merch!

Show your allegiance to Null Sector with all-new Ramattra merch!

Celebrate Overwatch 2’s latest hero in style.

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No. Fix your issues and I might consider it. Not before that. Never before that.


Are there even that many hardcore Ram fans yet? Seems too early.


Uhm I guess.

Kinda wondering when the next blog post for Matchmaking or Support Unpopularity issues comes out.


How about you fix the game instead?


Loverwatch and the merch and the … whatever was the event. I wonder if you could please… just at the back of your mind - please, consider fixes to UI? Match-making? No?


Shortage of fixes but no shortage of money grabs I see.


They would have to pay me to wear an Overwatch shirt. Nerd city right there.

Y’all need to finish the original line of resin hero statues from OW1, still don’t have an Ana statue! :pouting_cat:

This Ramattra bust is okay, but there’s not much lore or fandom or memes around the hero yet, should have waited to get around to him when there are longtime fan favorites still waiting for the statue treatment.

Ramattra pursuing real action towards ending the apartheid society that Overwatch defends makes him one of the very few genuine good guys in the Overwatch lore.

He must’ve been supposed to come out in 2020 and the merch has been collecting dust til now :person_shrugging::person_shrugging:

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:joy::joy::joy: 20 :joy::joy::joy: required :joy::joy::joy:

They’re stealing our time with the twitch drops that you gotta absolutely see or the timer doesnt budge.
Misused our money to make this joke of a sequel.
And the constant attempts to steal our money with the most sad predatory sales tactics.
ActiBlizz. More like CrimeBizz.

I’m never buying anything from that horribly overpriced shop…


Well, I like Ramattra.

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I like Ram but I aint buying anything from Blizzard because they are scummy now.

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My favorite part is when Ramattra said “Spend, as I have!” Truly an Overwatch 2 moment.


it’s an interesting piece, but you know… it was literally the first thing you showed of the character at his OwL reveals (yes, even before his gameplay) and you kept it broken just to sell a battle pass with the ultimate paytowin and even buffed.

it’s really hard to accept this piece for its always so high priority marketing, so much so that the piece you announced so long in advance… continues to be over-anticipated, due to be released in July 2023. can you seriously start reviewing if it’s really worth your (and our) time to write articles about things that are not available and that no longer enjoy the same fame as ow of 2016? :face_with_raised_eyebrow: ah, and congrats on making the sojourn book more expensive (even in kindle format and black and white in its images inside) despite it being literally half of the previous books costing less, even compared to their debut price.

The blizzard marketing, ladies and gentleman: the most shameful department of overwatch both in game (you know, digital charm more expensive of a Real charm) and in physical merchandising. :clap::clap::clap:

Hard to get hyped about a character I wasn’t able to unlock.

im sorry but no…rammattra needs to be considered a huge mistake

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