Show me a bronze replay code that was a fair match

Please, I beg you. Just one. Prove that it has ever happened in all of history.


A… are you in bronze?

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Bronze 5 forever. Literally impossible to get a fair fight.

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Ethernyet hasn’t won an overwatch game in the past decade, by all accounts.


Can win when the other team is god-tier skill and your team is actually bronze 5. That’s how the matchmaker is designed to work.

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well they probably should make a bottom 500 rank. you probably be no 1 … or no. 500… uhm if thats how it works figure it would go backwards?


Honey, if you’re in Bronze you’re playing with and against other Bronzes. If you can’t rank up it’s because you don’t deserve higher than Bronze.

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I see you are unfamiliar with the culture of my people. Rank 1 is the lowest SR. Rank 500 is 500th lowest.

Edit just to point out that we don’t count smurfs. We don’t need those jerk-bombers ruining our list.

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check emongg spectating a bronze push game that went on for 15 minutes. i think it was pretty fair.

That’s not always true, smurfs are a pain at the worst of times. And when you see one in your game, especially if they’re on the other team? Forget about it, you might as well just sit in spawn, you’ll be just as useful as if you’d walked out to help.

I’m Plat 3 and when a smurf is detected, all focus is on them. If we don’t, we may as well just play respawn simulator.

Hey, I’m interested in coaching bronze 5 to whatever rank, would you want to be coached?

no fight is won fairly
if it was “fair” it’d be a draw, u lost because u didn’t take advantage of imbalances
but i feel u dude. feels like crap when it feels like your team isnt trying. i suggest just leavin the game but u just have to work on the tilt

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Sure. Let’s start simple and see if I can even get to Bronze 4.

nothing is fair anymore they dont care…they probably never cared if anything with how buggy this season was and how unbalanced it is they should jsut end the game after season 4 like they really arent even trying with merch

If you don’t count the nearly 6,000 on his Overbuff and the several games I’ve watched him win.

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That’s tragic, I feel so deceived.

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You are exactly the rank you belong in, sir.

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Kouhei#3140 on discord, send me any vod, doesn’t matter what game at that rank. i’ve been from 700sr to t500, i get the struggle

This is a completely irrelevant comment. Read the question again.