Show health pack locations through walls please

u serious


I would prefer the former, but I always like to view the situation from both sides

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If you had invested the time you’ve spent spamming the forums with this idea into learning the maps instead, you would know the location of every health pack at a fraction of the time investment.

You don’t need this feature to improve yourself or climb, you just need to learn the maps like everyone else in every other game from all of gaming history.


but what does ML stand for?

I’m a Mercy/support main and I know where all the health packs are because in a pinch where I need to survive a fight, but my regen is going to take a minute, it’s better to get a little hp back than die.

There are also some places that health packs are likely to be on all maps like little alcoves and various rooms. All maps have these types of spots. After playing a few games, it’s easy to figure out the pattern.

Also, not my question to answer, but I believe ML is machine learning.


I wonder if this guy might have anything to say about the topic.

Create a custom game, search for the health packs. Study.
Map knowledge is no different from hero knowledge.
Besides, the pros may have only 4 maps a week but if you ask any of them they can show each health pack. It’s not like they only know the packs only for the maps they are gonna fight in this week.


I wanna create flash cards for all the maps, that way I can bring the one up to the front on the current map I’m playing.

I just don’t care about my SR that much. I never understood why WoW players were upset when Blizz “catered to the casuals”

health pack memorization should not directly contribute to SR imho. I can see why some may not see things my way, but I can’t change the way I feel.

Remembering where health packs are does contribute to your survivability, which definitely affects how much impact you have on your team in the game. While you are dead or running back from spawn, you are having no impact on the game therefore the team fights will suffer for it and therefore so will the player’s SR.


Yeah, I feel bad for this guy’s teammates. He’s throwing games by intentionally remaining ignorant of basic map knowledge.


you lack a fundamental understanding of how MMR/SR works

what I lack in health pack location knowledge, I make up for in other areas. How else would I be at the same SR of my teammates?

If you have a Sombra on your team, when they hack healthpacks, you can see them through walls.


Knowing health pack is map knowledge, just like knowing good spots to snipe from, good places, to hide and so on.


I am now 100% convinced that this is a troll


very well, How many maps have to be in rotation before they start showing health pack locations? 50? 100? 500? give me an estimate

Really? Whenever they release a new map I spend a few minutes in a custom game alone, exploring the map, looking for alternative routes and health packs.
I won’t say I will remember all of them at once, but the important ones I have memorized in less than 10 games on them.


so 75 maps? once there’s 75 maps in rotation, showing health pack locations through walls should start to be discussed among the devs? yes?

Nope. Because as I said you can just make a custom game and carefully study it instead.


I do not. I understand that players with higher SR are ones that are skilled in game sense, game mechanics, and survivability. A player’s SR who lacks in one, two, or all of those areas will be lower than someone who has skill in more areas. Equal ranks just means there are close to equal skill levels. Someone could lack survivability skill and be at the same rank as someone who is really good at surviving, but isn’t as good at mechanics. One does not preclude the others.


so even if there were 10,000 maps in rotation, you would still think it’s plausible to commit to memory all the health pack locations for all the maps. got it