Shouldn’t Sombra Hack Exo-Boots?


Sombra’s Hack was changed awhile ago to take away the use of any passive that requires a button press to use. Examples being Lucio’s Wallride, Mercy’s Descent, Pharah’s Hover Jets, Genji/Hanzo wallclimb, among others.

Exo Boots require Baptiste to crouch and charge up the jump, so doesn’t that mean it falls within the requirements for Hack to disable it?


Lol damn now i have rebind crouch. (I currently can’t crouch as its not bound and found no use for it).


you know crouching makes your footsteps much quiter? And id find it really difficult to go anywhere past platinum in ranked with out taking full advantage of crouch+ad spam.


I haven’t touched ranked in many many seasons its the same as QP except you have a number you can see go up and down occasionally and the games take longer. I don’t like the format of comp at all so that doens’t help.

The only time I even play ranked is when the group im with wants to.


I just wanna make something clear, I’m not saying Sombra should take away his ability to crouch, I’m saying he shouldn’t charge Exo Boot jump when crouching if he’s hacked


I’m curious about this as well. Genji’s double-jump is hacked by it, I wonder why this isn’t.

From Jeff’s interview with Sty, it seems like they’re prepared to make a lot of adjustments to Baptiste if necessary. Maybe that’s on their radar?


you can do what you want to do, but i myself find it hard to go a single game without crouching at least a hundred times.


It’s a bug I am guessing.


Likely a bug if anything. I mean, I’d be OK if he ALREADY had it charged before getting hacked, but not afterwards


She’s supposed to, it was labeled as a bug in one of the bug reports Blizz sent out.


Ah alright, nice, thanks for that


Guys, of course he should be able to Crouch while hacked, the “charge up” while crouching is what shouldn’t be a thing when he’s hacked.