Should storm arrows be able to crit?

Amazing counter argument I have no comeback literally can’t argue with that statement.

Mute go brrr.

Wait am I dumb how do u mute someone who profile is private I just click on profile and set status to mute I can’t do that

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People that disagree about anything should all mute each other right now. Clearly this forum should be nothing but muted posts that no one can read!

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but you’re not doing anything? you’re not putting me in my place or speaking from any level of authority.

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I have spoken, hanzo is not getting nerfed

it’s not about disagreement. you’re complaining about my posts. there’s a very easy way to not see them but you’d rather just complain more about them

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I like telling you no, its all good

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well it’s a good thing you have no weight or authority here then isn’t it so all you’re doing is wasting your time

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Hanzo isnt being changed because of your post, so i guess that makes us even.

Its not happening.

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yeah but I’m just venting/suggesting changes. you’re literally doing nothing

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In theory it shouldn’t, but the healing in this game is too much so lets not touch it till they nerf healing in OW2.

I told why he doesn’t need nerfs. HEs not over preforming and is pretty average right now

and I told you why he does? funny how that works isn’t it

Its cool hes not getting nerfed. Hope you enjoy the game

it’s so helpful you’re able to see into the future. that’s crazy

it is indeed. more characters

If your only complaint is the RNG of his attacks, then there it’s very obvious what’s causing the RNG.

It’s not his damage, the hitbox of the arrows, or the ability for Storm Arrows to crit. None of that contributes to the RNG one shots.

What is causing the RNG is the very essence of projectile shots.
Just take a moment & think about every time someone complains about a hero being too easy, lucky, or “not knowing what killed them”.

Every projectile in the game has caused people to complain about being RNGed, no matter what hero the projectile is shot from.
If every projectile was turned into Hitscan in some way, no one would ever complain about being killed by mistake.

Even, back when Hanzo 1.0 was around with his slowest version of his arrow speed, people still found it to be RNG & complained about it. They sped up the speed to almost hitscan level of instantaneous speed, & people still complain.

That being said, changing the speed of the projectile will definitely not alleviate the RNG of projectiles. Only real solution to remove the RNG of the shots is to somehow rework & replace the projectiles into hitscans.

Another good example is Symmetra’s orb speed being the slowest projectile during 1.0 & enemies were able to be sniped with that speed back then. The speed was increased with 3.0 & people are still being sniped with the Orb’s charge delay & being one of the slowest projectiles in the game.

The RNG just cannot be removed from projectiles. It’s baked into its existence.

If it wasn’t an accurate shot based on the Hanzo player’s skill, then that means we stupidly walked into the spam. Either way, the bonus damage is deserved if it connects with our head. Skill should always be rewarded… just as avoidable stupidity should always be punished. Hanzo shouldn’t be nerfed on the basis that the Hanzo player is good, nor because we’re idiots sometimes trying to headbutt a storm of arrows.

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we can just make it 140 damage w/o crit. Now you thinkin…

Well, Snipers are gonna need big nerfs in OW2, to counteract the lack of anti-sniper barriers.

Here’s what I’d do with Hanzo.

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I think that would be a suitable nerf
dealing 350 damage to tanks or shields in less than 2 seconds is already powerful enough
that doesn’t need to be up to 700 as is currently possible