Should I spend, or save my credits?

We don’t know
OW1 Credits = x amount of OW2 Credits
OW2 Credit store prices
If Ow1 Skins will return in OW2

10,000 OW1 credits could be either 10,000 OW2 credits or 10 OW2 Credits.

So to answer your question, at this point there is no idea.

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I estimate there is a 0% chance your credits can be used as premium currency in Overwatch 2.

We don’t know how many credits transfer, but they “will have value” in OW2. We don’t know what that means.


Idk where you got this information, but we were explicitly told that OW1 credits are their own seperate currency from OW2 credits, and that they would carry over.

value as in you CAN use them…but that more than likely means icons or sprays or something…fat chance we can use them on something good


Literally the very first reply from Jon Spector.

Edit: Also, Craig said this recently in reference to OW1 currency:

They wont tell you cause it will mess up their FOMO strategy

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I’m gonna act like I didn’t see that

Im going to speculate that we get ripped off and scammed like we did in WoW when it came to Honor Points. Blizzard NEVER gave us 1:1 with Honor points, arena points or currency changes.

If they actually gave us 1:1 here. I think it would mend wounds.

I’d spend them now personally… :wink:

Blizz knows only legacy players will have tons of credits (unobtainable in OW2) so will likely have a token promotion (or 2) in the first month or so for legacy players to spend credits, then they’ll likely do a ‘final spend event’ before erasing them… :thinking: :upside_down_face::slight_smile:

… so much information we lack…


I dont understand why they havent clarified something as simple as this.


I’m going to guess… given the constant leaks of information that seem like worse and worse deals… that it’s because they know we won’t like the answer.


I dont doubt it. Theyve dropped the ball so incredibly hard on everything.
You know its bad when you get an entire short leaked.

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Its even worse that an entire short got leaked and now nobody is talking about it, 5 months ago eveyone would’ve gone crazy and never shut up about it

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Epic moment where once again we really need Blizzard to tell us fundamental information about a game two weeks prior to launch

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They’ve been deliberately wording it carefully and I think it implies you really should spend as much as you can in OW1 especially the Seasonal skins which are time limited.

I am personally going to play and grind a few more hours and purchase 1 or 2 more of those 1000 coin skins.

Yes, then all you have to worry about is new content. It’s what I did. Obviously OW1 credits won’t be used to buy new content, so you are most likely to have to buy the OW1 content with it anyway, so just get it done now.

To quote the devs… again

so it must be used for SOMETHING new.

Even if they told us, can we trust them? They never seem to just say what something is anymore, they vaguely word everything. We are not even talking to people, we are talking to a team of marketing people who filter everything 10x until it no longer has any meaning.