Should I be grinding out coins?

So it looks like the coins will still have a value.

I wonder what they will be used for?

Maybe they could be used for purchasing priority passes?

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Well i assume JQ, Sojourn and Kiriko will probably have base game hero gallery items similar to all of the ow1 heroes and such. It would be pretty weird if the new heroes just launched with no items.

I wish they would just tell us what they’re for so we know to spend or save.


I want to know what’s happening to all these ow1 items. Do they go into a rotating premium currency store? Do they do a league of legends store that’s always up and they exist like normal? I wish someone would COMMUNICATE, I feel like overwatch has been gaslighting me for THREE YEARS about OW2

They literally did communicate 8 days ago

Probably not. It’s not worth burning yourself out for a currency that is likely going to be worthless. I doubt Blizzard will let us buy anything meaningful with the existing currency because so many people have too much stockpiled.

My guess is coins will be used to purchase any OW1 items you don’t have, as well as some new sprays.

Yes but according to Craig you can’t purchase event items anymore with ow1 currency

I have more questions now than before, like if the government announced we would be merging with China than going radio silent. It’s activating my PTSD from the last time this happened.

Im in an abusive relationship and all this “oh it will be different this time” is not helping

I wouldn’t.

They gave an actual name to the new currency, meaning they want to move away from the old (current) currency. All their current messages are just trying to get people to spend as much of the old stuff as they can before the game switches over.

I’m guessing they would love to just get rid of it all together, but there are a lot of people with 100k+ currency or more, who the devs would earn some bad blood with if they just removed it.

I suspect you’ll be able to pick old skins, or lesser items with it. But I highly doubt they will let people purchase higher end skins and such with the old currency.

I may be wrong in the above assumption, and I’d love if my trove of coins was going to actually be worth something, but I highly doubt it.

if have nothing else to do better grind than sorry but make sure you have all the skins first. The currency will probably be less useful than it is now.

That would be nice!

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thats what sucks about no communication. if we had a clue then maybe i would play and grind out coins for the next “update” but meh i just play sparingly sometimes and not to collect coins. i only have 15,000 atm

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Honestly who knows at this point. I’m skeptical that Blizzard even has the Battle Pass figured out yet.

I don’t know but I assume the saved up credits will probably be turned into the new currency I would assume. I don’t necessarily think 100 current coins will equal 100 new currency coins but that would be my guess.

My question is, why? They haven’t dropped the price of last summer’s skins, plus there are loads of 3k recolors. Why are they trying so hard to part us from saved up OW credits?

It will probably convert as a ratio of 10: 1 old currency to new currency.

Yaa I doubt they will make it equal. With that said I dont even know if thats their plan but it makes the most sense to me.

I suspect they would much rather you grind (or better yet buy) the new OW2 coins to purchase things, then log in on launch week and buy everything available with OW1 coins.

Plus, if their intention was to have OW1 coins = OW2 coins, why even bother with making the new currency?

And IMHO, they kept the original 3k prices on things because they want players like myself, with a lot of coin, to burn through as much of it as possible before the launch.